Hurricane Dorian lashes Outer Banks: Update from North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper | USA TODAY

Hurricane Dorian lashes Outer Banks: Update from North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper | USA TODAY
Hurricane Dorian lashes Outer Banks: Update from North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper | USA TODAY
Good morning, everyone, it was a long night for many North Carolinians along our coasts, Southeastern North Carolina’s Outer danger. But this morning hurricane Dorian officially made landfall near Hatteras and continues to batter the Outer Banks and the East Northeastern North Carolina with heavy Wind and Rain. The danger right now is the rising storm surge of 427 ft and flash floods as a hurricane churns along the coasts Flash, but emergencies have been issued for dare and Hyde counties and officials are telling people to get to the highest point in their houses. There is significant concern about hundred people trapped on Ocracoke Island they’re. Our rescue teams ready as soon as they can get in this latest development, shows that we cannot yet let our guard down for the Outer Banks in North Eastern North Carolina continue to shelter in a safe place, keep off the roads and stay alert. We currently have more than 215000 power outage and crews are working hard to restore power to those customers, and we should see those numbers drop throughout the day. They’Re still significant rain falling in eastern North Carolina, and it will continue to rain through much of the day. They’Re more than 70 roads that are impassable due to flooding or debris and transportation secretary trogdon will provide specifics in just a minute. There still a high-risk, Northeastern North Carolina, so don’t drive on roads covered with water. Those Waters can rice quickly and only takes a few inches of running water to wash a vehicle away. Barricade barricades on roads are there for your safety, so don’t drive around them, don’t put your life or the lives of First Responders in danger, and we know a number of tornadoes touch down yesterday, but thanks play, there were no reports of serious injuries because of them There was significant damage, however, since the risk remains make sure you have a way to receive weather alerts in the event of a tornado warning right now we have 78 shelters open for those needing a safe place to stay and more than 4,500 people stayed in those Shelters overnight are public and private Partners, along with many volunteers, are help to make those available. Thanks to everyone who made preparations and thanks to those who were evacuated, and also thanks to our First Responders, some of whom are still In Harm’s Way. But those who evacuated stay away until those evacuation orders are lifted and listened to your local emergency officials. If you evacuated watch or Local Government website and social media Chan pause for instructions on re-entry, I have lifted the evacuation. Orders for barrier islands in the Southeastern part of our state and local officials are making decisions about when it’s safe for people to return not return home until your local officials say that it’s safe to do so when you’re travelling be mindful for the potential of down Trees flooded roads and power lines, if you venture out today to clean up, never approach a downed power line and, of course, don’t drive through water, remember to dial 911 only in an emergency and for shelter, food and non emergency information assistant, dial, 211 for people. Hard of hearing please dial 888-892-1162 to reach someone to assist u211 by the way is free. Confident and multilingual operators are ready to assist you and you can also stay informed by visiting ready for emergency information, drive four road conditions, and if you want to donate your time or financial assistance, go to donate with me today, I have an emergency Management director Mike Sprayberry Public Safety secretary Eric hooks Transportation secretary, Jim trogdon, North Carolina National Guard general Jim Ernst State Highway Patrol Commander, Colonel Glenn, McNeill, FEMA, Federal, Coordinating Officer, Libby Turner, Katie, Webster, eye meteorologist Commander Mike Matt, more years of the United States Coast Guard and Lee Williamson, who is our sign language interpreter? First, I’m going to recognize today, director Mike Sprayberry, to give us a little more information on our emergency response. Mike emergency Operation Center remains activated it’ll level 1 and, as the governor said, north eastern North Carolina continues to feel the impacts of hurricane Dorian with heavy rainfall, strong winds and strong storm surge, particularly in the sounds and rivers they’re feeling it as well as on the Barrier Islands we’re closely monitoring the situation and are making plans for any general support, search-and-rescue operations or perennial farmettes for dare bridge out to the Barrier Islands. The risk of flash flooding remains High east of I-95 and therefore we’d still recommend the use of the North Carolina emergency management, flood inundation mapping and alert Network known as fiman to ensure you are aware of potential flooding in your area. You can get there by logging unit, that’s f, i m a n., NC govt. You can sign up to be alerted by text or email by fiman when the rivers or streams get begin to rise near you or Swift water rescue teams are now beginning to deploy and conduct vide previous searches, where the weather has improved. We’Ve identified possible locations for Mass feeding kitchens for our Baptist on Mission, American Red Cross in Dallas, Salvation Army partners and they’re prepared to execute Mission as soon as it’s safe. To do so and if we’ve identified and need are posted, preliminary damage assessment plan is in place and the state Disaster Recovery task force is activating. They continue to coordinate for good transition from response to recovery. Our Utility Partners have begun begun Restoration in Southeastern North Carolina and will expand their footprint as the weather improves. The state and medical altering operations continued and we continue to shelter pets as necessary and clothes, and let me thank our local partners for all their hard work. Many of them are still in the fight as they work together to protect the residence and to remind everybody to follow the instructions. Are there local officials? Thank you very much and thank you. So now I’m going to recognize secretary, Jim trogdon of the Department of Transportation. Thank you Governor. As of this morning, all of our interstates were open. 3 us routes in four locations had closures. The first was us-264 just west of Greenville due to high water, US 17 in Brunswick County near Shallotte, due to high water us-117 in Castle Hayne. Due to high water and US1 17 South College Road in Wilmington, so due to high water and then last us-15 near warm Laurinburg do the trees and power lines. We had an additional 6 North Carolina primary roads, approximately half of which are closed due to trees and the other half do the hot water in and around New Hanover and pit counties, and we also had about 60 secondary roads closed as of this morning, most of Which were due to a combination of either high water or tree down. We also had an initial report a few minutes ago of the lost or the closure and the bridge being out on nc-12, just north of Ocracoke Village on Ocracoke Island. So today, our crews will continue to assess damage. I do believe will see these numbers grow throughout the day from where they were at 8. This morning, at approximately 70, roads may even get up to 120 to 150, as the storm continues to. I move to the north, but we do believe our crews will be out assessing those damages and repairing those as soon as possible, but everything looks much better than we had hoped for at this point. Thank you. Thank you General. It will now recognize the commander of the North Carolina Highway Patrol Colonel Glenn, McNeill Delta. The Hurricanes affect down trees and localized. Flooding have been a majority issues that our troops have face throughout the night. Members have been quickly identifying hazards and working quickly with our. Partners to remedy these hazards and to prevent and block road way to prevent further issues in the affected part of our state. The highway patrol has responded to 77 calls to service and 21 Collision since midnight. So to the media, that’s present here we won. Thank you for helping us spread the word. People are listening and they also are staying off our roadways. We also ask the public to please heed the safety warnings that the governor and director Sprayberry has given. Regarding the the need to Earth, don’t want to run back and rush back to your areas and your to your homes in the affected areas. Please wait until the all-clear signs are given by local authorities.. If I any hazards and to also assist utility companies with repairs to their coming in, to make due to multiple power outages, we ask everyone in those areas to be extra. Cautious, treat all of these intersections as a four-way. Stop the potential for flooding and trees. Falling is not over always scan the roadway ahead, reduce speed and avoid distractions to better identify hazards that you may encounter. The state highway patrol will continue to work closely with our local law enforcement partners and assist as needed in the hours and days to come. Please continue to look to utilize drive for us information regarding highway conditions. Thank you. Thank you, Colonel I’m now going to call on Commander Matt Moyer of the u.s. Coast Guard to talk about our Port situation. Thank you Governor morning, ladies gentleman, with respect to the port of Wilmington, including Matsu, to military ocean terminal Sunny Point the Coast Guard in concert with our state federal and Industry Partners is currently conducting assessments of all of our waterways. We hope to open the port of Wilmington with restrictions as early as this afternoon, based on the outcome of those assessments, we will conduct similar assessments of the port of Morehead City Once the storm passes and it’s safe to do so. Thank you and thank you governor questions. People homecraft, are they in shelters between cyborg, one on Ocracoke Island, obviously is surrounded by water. There is significant storm surge in flash flooding and we understand that Waters of rising quickly. There are, there have been emergencies issued by dare and Hyde County and they are telling people to get to the highest point in their homes to to be safe right now the the storm is Raging there. I don’t think rescue crews can get in at this point, but they are ready to go as soon as they possibly can to get there and rescue people. But we don’t have any more specific official information than that. There’S some things going around on social media, but we don’t have any official information about the status, but it does. It is concerning to to have the significant storm surge they are and that so many people are on the island. We understand maybe as many as 800 people, but I don’t know if that’s officially there, so I probably should say that. Don’T know that for sure other questions beyond that, could we hear maybe from the Coast Guard than Ash Guardian body else is relevant about any rescues. If any of that have had to be conduct so far, we don’t have any rescues that have occurred thus far. No then one other eight is it possible address of paper? We may not need the mass feeding kitchens. It sounded like it that those that was a potential, not a death at this point, we’re not going to say no just yet because, as the governor said, we’re still having the storm effects impacting on Northeastern North Carolina. So once the storm passes analyze what the need is and and then we’re prepared to rapidly go in there and set up a mess feeding operation. We got all of our partners here at this time and we’re ready to execute the mission. If we see that demand signal Governor, echoing with secretary trog and said on, I mean I’ve heard a lot of Doom and Gloom this morning and concerned because you don’t want people, let their guard down and I get that. But he said that if things look much better, then even here hope for yesterday is there a. I know you don’t want to say a bunch until this thing is completely gone, but is there some relief this morning, at least for the southern yet done damage assessments? Yet so some people may be trapped tragically affected that we don’t officially know about, but just preliminary reports were getting from local government officials than in, at least in the Southeastern part of State. The storm is not as bad as feared, which is at a positive thing, but we have to remember that this storm is still raging in the northeastern part of our state in the Outer Banks and Banks. Potentially there could be worse, then we had figured so we just we just don’t know yet, and I think what I’ve instructed people to do is to make sure we are continuing to be ready. We will write it down the the assets and the Personnel that we need, depending on the threat that is still there. We obviously are mindful of taxpayer money, but I think most people want us to be over-prepared rather than under prepared in that’s that’s what we’re doing this morning. I’M sure that we will be ratcheting down things in the Southeastern part of the state and maybe even transferring assets to the northeastern part of the state, depending on the damage there and the necessity for search and rescue teams and Swift water rescue teams. If I’m a follow up with secretary, have you flown those of you looked at those we Phone 7 Mission so far that I’m aware of I haven’t seen the data yet, though, and expand on my perspective, I was speaking solely from the Transportation, as you know that That doesn’t look at the human element that impacts the housing all those but purely from a transportation. A great example of bee. You know, as the storm passed today, we’re at 75 roads this morning compared to Florence. I think I was already at 750 by the same time. And it grew by the 1600, so we’re keeping our fingers crossed. But in the south of the governor says it’s exactly correct and transportation. The tree debris is been what we’re seeing more of them than previous storms and that’s easy to the repair. Are there any reports of injuries in the Northeast part of state law on the thanks barrier islands? In the second question, when do you expect to be able to get cruise into Oprah, so we don’t have any granularity on? What’S actually have now, I’m the Barrier Islands. We have heard, unofficially that there could be. You know, hundreds of people that are trapped out there. We don’t have a really good number on it. We’Re in contact with the folks out on, dare and hide and Currituck in those County. You know but they’re Mainland, and so it’s tough to really get a good read on, what’s actually happening out there. Relative to the question about the weather. I think our meteorologists is telling us that the storm should be pretty much moving out to the Northeast by this evening, and so what we’re doing is we’re now moving aircraft Ford so that we can quickly get in there once the fly. I will also have Swiftwater assets and urban search-and-rescue teams, were there any structural collapses so that we can punch in and if we need to do an air bridge over to a Barrier Island, we can do that so will be prepared once it’s safe and the weather Is cooperating? No reports of injuries yet not yet clarify what an air bridge is so Travis? What thank you for that question? What we would do, as we would have General support helicopters like uh-60 Blackhawk, swore ch-47 Chinook, and they would be able to bring supplies and commodities over to the island and then bring people back as necessary if it. If I could, if I could also ask tornadoes, there were a half-dozen or so that look like it’s spun up yesterday during the day were there any overnight or or did that that problem kind of stopped after several hours yesterday recognize Katie Webster are meteorologists during the Day yesterday morning into the afternoon that tornado watch was continued into parts of the overnight hours, but those tornadoes it was during the day. My thing in total we’ve seen about 30 Nish tornadoes. Certainly, that needs to be officially confirmed by the weather service, but those really subsided as those rainbands move northward yesterday, and we don’t expect so much of that 8 today. Thank you might be longer than a in a few days because of damage to the road, or is it mostly high water and trees, though it’s hot water? At this point, it would depend on how fast those go down, but I’m already hearing from my engineer in that covers new hair. What county that things are really draining much better than we’ve seen historically, so those may come off pretty quickly and as long as there’s no more significant damage once the high water goes down, it could be fairly play. Wicca re-established those opening those rods. No further questions will be back at 4 today. Thank you.
Hurricane Dorian howled over North Carolina’s Outer Banks on Friday, lashing the low-lying barrier islands as a weakened Category 1 storm.

The storm’s powerful winds still knocked out power at almost 200,000 homes and businesses across the state as massive waves threatened buildings along the coast.

Dare County, which includes North Carolina’s Outer Banks, remained under curfew Friday morning, with access to the coastal county restricted. Meanwhile, further north, a round of evacuations were also ordered for Virginians in harm’s way.

“Dorian should remain a powerful hurricane as it moves near or along the coast of North Carolina during the next several hours,” the National Hurricane Center said.

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