Hurricane Dorian wreaks havoc on Atlantic Canada

Hurricane Dorian wreaks havoc on Atlantic Canada
Hurricane Dorian wreaks havoc on Atlantic Canada
The buzz of saws, the hum of generators after the Roar of Dorian, what Nova, scotians, a wolf to andon, Halifax’s, tree-lined and now darkened streets like on Elm Streets, were some Elms Came Crashing Down. The realization is sitting in it will be a while before they get their electricity back. Customers were without electricity. More than any other storm in this province is history. According to Nova Scotia Power extra cruise from as far away is Ontario are now on the ground, but it will take days to restore power completely very dangerous situation in some parts of the province there, when there is a downed power line, do not take any chances At all work order on the site, while officials try to figure out what went wrong. What I can tell you is that the ministry of Labour has been contacted and they are going to be looking into the details around how and why the crane itself collapse, injuries or deaths from the storm, but plenty of upsets cell phone customers, who wouldn’t have been Able to report a problem if there was one back on Elm Street neighbors are making the best of a bad situation they’re. Finally, getting to post their Street party postponed because of the hurricane, and now it’s helping them empty their freezers of meet. That would surely otherwise go bad, bring up there and mentioned that they. It was a good opportunity to get it out, so yeah cuz, otherwise the freezers were down and then tomorrow I’ll be back at the clean-up. This storm Dorian is bringing dredging up a lot of memories to talk to us about the similarities 16 years ago, but thinking on the street now you may have heard this today. A little bit as well is that hurricane Juan may have done a little pruning. Shall we stay at which might explain why we fewer trees down on the streets of Halifax tonight, although you and I seen plenty of them and they’ve knocked enough power out to it to cause any issues for a lot of people? The other big difference of time around was the level of preparation. I think you know from the emergency emergency right through to the power company thought was that they had more people more strategically located in different parts of the problems to help cope with this. So the notion was that we were better prepared for this storm. Hopefully that will make things a little better in this province trying to get back normal Sofia. The First sense of what Nova scotia’s infrastructure was yesterday: the boardwalk flush with the sea, the water testing, a Harbors defense to the Limit. The power grid Inland didn’t twist andorians test, and that is the biggest challenge facing the province tonight. Technicians are working to restore it, and they have some military back up was wondering was still on the way that the province ask for help and immediately they answered all told 700 troops are deployed or are about to be throughout the maritimes. These Reserve is star from the 36 Canadian Brigade group they are based in back, so this is home for their help, give andorians ferocity. They were ready to deal with. People trapped or stranded or flooded out. Halifax was spared those nightmares. The overwhelming issue now is power. These are the weapons they need in. This fight sounds like everyone did very well, though, and then we don’t, even if we don’t hear any reports of injuries but still told that the most striking in the Nova Scotia Power so was so stunned by 2 to to react and to respond as needed. Waiting for the military backup to clear this chaos, sidewalks oppressive, is Halifax’s. It’S easy to see how most customers lost power. Crews have been working since Daybreak and Jason Cochran is the tired choreographer trying to get the right people in the right places. When you look at this a tree that size large elm tree, there’s a lot of weight there, it’s hard enough getting to it all, even harder when the roads sometimes look like this. That is the lineup for Tim Hortons and not the only one like it in Halifax today, maybe funny 4 bar, not so amusing to emergency officials. We can’t clear the roads and open them until we can actually get to the roads and 300 cars at a drive-thru right now in different locations is really stopping our progress, are they do need sleep and coffee, and they said we need their phones charged power. Is everything here for the moment? Let’S head outside of the city south of Halifax Dorian touch land here near sambro, it all up along the coast to hair Nicole communities or staggered by winds and swiped by the storm surge demonstration saw the result. First, half a powerful surge rip Tom rhinos Boathouse from its Moorings before it’s slowly sank. It’S the most powerful storm Rhino has ever seen here everyone’s going on with hurricane Juan and is it worse than play worse? The water came quickly and Rose even faster. You can see the damage it did to this boat house behind me and all along the shoreline, but they give you a sense of how high it Rose. It came all the way up, he’ll here and came to arrest just in front of that blue storage shed. All along the coast, there’s evidence of Dorian anger. Severed. breathing was like I’ve been down for more than a century. We could fix it and enduring one this one that gets gone equally as powerful, toppling numerous trees, including this one. On John Greer’s house. It was just the soil, you could see it in slow motion. Oh oh, oh! It’S going forward. Brute-Force was felt right across Atlantic Canada that clean up again likely to take days brought down by dorian’s, Fury, grooves ripped off some homes. Even his oversized cow statue couldn’t stand up to the storm 120 kilometers an hour in the promised forcing the closure of the Confederation Bridge enroute. It wasn’t the wind, this community east of Frederick, and saw some extensive flooding, and this afternoon Dorian blew right through Western Newfoundland, damaging buildings knocking out power. Again winds approaching hurricane strengths. The time now it’s heading towards the North Atlantic,
People in Atlantic Canada are clearing downed trees and snapped power lines following the storm that tore through the region.

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