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Hurricanes form in areas of intense low pressure and throughout the cycle can build up energy levels equivalent to 10000. If your bones usually occurring in each hemisphere summer months, cycling so typhoons, they form over warm ocean waters when sea temperature is 26.6 degrees. C, when warm air comes into contact with the ocean surface, it heats up and starts to rise, creating an area of low pressure underneath new cool, a s welding to take its place as the heated moist air rises and then cools off the resulting to Vapor forms Clouds said by the ocean, teach and stuff is evaporation. The swells of a got the pace, whipping up a storm. Moving at about 30 kilometers, an hour from east to west. We can travel thousands cuz. This stuff is Simpson scale rates hurricanes from 1 to 5, depending on wind speed, a category 1 hurricane could bring down trees and cause temporary power Cuts. What a category 5 would destroy homes and Kohl’s cash image. Meanwhile, in the eye of the storm conditions come become enough for birds to fly once they move in Landover, coolwaters hurricanes finally died out. Some scientists believe recent increase in number and intensity could be due to global warming.
Videographic on hurricanes. Residents of northwest Florida had until early Tuesday to leave their homes ahead of Hurricane Michael, forecast to crash ashore midweek as a major Category 3 storm with “life-threatening” flash flooding possible. VIDEOGRAPHIC

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