Hypocrisy in Dems’ calls to repeal SALT deduction cap?

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Hypocrisy in Dems’ calls to repeal SALT deduction cap?
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Hypocrisy in Dems’ calls to repeal SALT deduction cap?
Hypocrisy in Dems’ calls to repeal SALT deduction cap?
We got a new report and comes from a congressional joint committee on Taxation, and it says it’s salt in other state and local tax deduction. Cap at that were to be repealed, repealed salt, completely wealthy people would read the biggest Grover norquist joins this right now. Ironic, isn’t it if you revealed it, if you were wealthy people win the wealthy people would win its ironic, isn’t it. This is the dog that caught the bus they kept saying this whole tax reform is only for rich people and on and on and on, and then the one objection that they raised to the spell cuz: it cuts taxes for middle-income people and help people save and Small businesses and creates jobs, as they say, hey if you have an incompetent mayor and a corrupt governor, and they can’t govern without high income taxes and high property taxes. The rest of the country is not going to subsidize you anymore. We stop the tax subsidy for incompetent or corrupt Mayors, and governors and people should be very mad at left-wing Governors and Mayors who have such high spending and such high taxes people end up because it’s not tax deductible. I was job to subsidize bad government in Connecticut. I don’t care what you say: Grover repealed just about everybody. I know who lives in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Illinois. California. The list is long that all of salt repeal, because it’s costing bring the money or the high taxes in New Jersey and Connecticut by local politicians, throw them out. But how do you throw Democrats out of New York State Democrats out of New Jersey I’ll be dead before you would like to anybody from the Republican party on a national Statewide basis in California? Anyway, I better move on before I get myself a serious trouble here about my life expectancy: 90s Alt, 19 billion George Soros Abigail Disney Chris Hughes, Sean Eldridge, Molly, Munger, etc, etc. Why don’t I just send a check to the treasury brother writes a letter back pointing out where, on the website at the IRS, it is, if you can make a contribution to the federal government or the other thing that storage could do is he said he was Put all his money into a trust to Foundation if he simply paid the death tax. When he passes away, the federal government would get billions and billions of dollars, but he has organized his own finances so that it goes Foundation. It continues to be spent the way he wants it to not the way the government would spend it, and I must say he he’s being disingenuous. He is organizing his estate so as to minimize his taxes. Just have to do that. Why they all do that? Show me a wealthy person who pays the estate tax estate tax. You go to some shop Loya who’s, going to get you into trust funds that get you off the hook Universal. I didn’t gross apocracy, quite frankly, inexpensive virtue, signaling. What’S the problem is we don’t have enough growth and we need to get more economic growth? The reason I left was talked about in the coming equalities spent 50 years in about 14 trillion dollars proven that they couldn’t cure poverty. So they stop saying they’re going to hell poor people. Now they just want to take down. Higher-Income people cuz it’s fairly, it’s easier to and income inequality. You just chop the heads off the French nobility and you’re getting their. You have a recession and you get less in a quality, but the goal is to have everybody do better and that’s growth that we’ve made like in a quality is because they’ve given up on being able to help poor people with welfare. It hasn’t worked again. George Harrison
Americans for Tax Reform President Grover Norquist on Democrats’ calls to repeal the SALT deduction cap despite a report that the wealthy would benefit the most and some billionaires writing to President Trump asking to pay more taxes.

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