‘I faced death, now I care for 90 animals’ – BBC News

‘I faced death, now I care for 90 animals’ – BBC News
What everybody recite me weather turn was in the hospice and are in 90g farmed animals and he’ll live here in the hospice and the class. Thank you for fun. This is funny going to sleep if you’re tired, when you go, don’t recommend sitting here Sandra and Amber and Charles Row, rescued from being Christmas, turkeys, Charles and actually like somebody at the end of their life Playboy until usually midnight most days, especially as I have some Free by days myself, they are tsunamis. Besides the holes in them in quite a few places, it’s incredibly painful today. That makes me very tired. I do recommend, I just say the Terminus to not let them help me it’s devastating when the guy absolutely is so. If I can do something that makes their last few steps a little bit better, then that’s that’s what I want to do and that’s what helps me cope his knowing that I’ve done everything that I can to make that time as good as it possibly can be. For them, when you do this can work, he realize it doesn’t matter she holding a chicken or a sheet for a dog. At the end, we all kinda just want the same thing.
When Alexis Fleming’s dog and best friend, Maggie, died, she decided to start an animal hospice, taking in over 90 dying and rescued animals.
Alexis lives with auto-immune diseases which causes her pain and exhaustion. In 2015, she was given six weeks to live.
But she says she wants to look after the animals she has rescued until they die.

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