‘I invented paintball to settle an argument’ – BBC News

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‘I invented paintball to settle an argument’ – BBC News
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‘I invented paintball to settle an argument’ – BBC News
Paintball originated with an argument between myself and my best friend pays. Noll Jesus was a very successful stock Trader on the New York Stock Exchange. Believe that is inborn Talent. He would argue he could be a Survivor anywhere. I spent my life in the woods, hunting and fishing. I argued, on the other hand, of survival, is more a function of learning certain behavioral goodbye and that they are environmentally specific and, I said to Hayes: if you came up to New Hampshire, went out in the woods with me, you wouldn’t have a chance, a friend Of mine send me a catalog that had in it a pistol and it shot a little ball of paint about this big around and it was used by Foresters to Mark trees to be cut down and so far – and I had one of those Eureka Moments – 2 Things come together. I called Hayes up and I said I figured out how we’re going to prove this argument one way or another, so I ordered two of these guns and a bunch of the pellets and Hayes came up to my house. We decide we test these guns out because, as far as we’d known, nobody ever shot a person with them a shot first and he missed, and I shot him right in the butt and it hurt. So then what we did. We went out and took 40 acres of woods and Hayes one and one and I went in the other and we hunted each other within about 20 minutes. I came around a big maple tree and Hazel sitting on a rock, and I walked right up behind him and put the barrel of a gun right on his neck and said all right. I don’t want to shoot you who we had so much fun doing this. That we decided, we didn’t want to just drop it there than what we would do. We invite 10 other people who had demonstrable survival capacity and whatever shows a lot of work. They gone into more than normally the first official game of paintball was played in June of 1981. The original game required for flag stations in those flag stations were marked on a topographic map that he’s competitor was given along with a gun. I think we gave them 10 pallets pair of goggles compass in this map, so that game, rewarded stealth would skills strategy. We start up. A company called an actual Survival game. Set up franchise quickly found out was it what people wanted to do was shoot. We had feels all of the country and it way sort of symbolically survive. Those are all
One summer in the early 1980s, two friends – one a Wall Street banker, the other an outdoorsman from New Hampshire – argued about who could survive better in the wild.

To try and settle the matter, they got two agricultural paint guns, and shot at each other.

Little did they know what they had just created.

Witness: The stories of our times told by the people who were there.

Film produced by Jonathan Coates

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