I Lost My Daughter to Heroin, Can I Start Over With Her Child? | Conception Season 2

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I Lost My Daughter to Heroin, Can I Start Over With Her Child? | Conception Season 2
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I Lost My Daughter to Heroin, Can I Start Over With Her Child? | Conception Season 2
That’S Lindsey. She was little every year she had to have a red white and blue cake she’s my little firecracker hard to sleep sometime, and I always think why am I not dreaming about her? She just was a little performer. I mean she wouldn’t start till everybody was quiet and, looking at her, I thought she was going to be a strong woman. I love that she seemed really confident, but she kind of seem to develop a low self-esteem. One of her best friends was with her boyfriend. She never seem to get over that Lindsay and Cody give her so young that’s the day she was born. I was in there with Lindsay when she had her. They were just thrilled to have a baby to work with older people. That’S what she wanted to do is go be a nurse Cody got his job on the oil rig and didn’t really happy, and she was such a good mom to Leila and she hurt her back with her job. She was putting and then she became addicted to heroin. I would have done anything to try to fix it or take it away eventually took Leila from her. She didn’t fight me on it. She knew that that was what was best for Lila people will say. Do you feel like she’s with, and I don’t I feel like she’s just gone? I try to think back to how I was as a parent. I think what did I do wrong? It was times that I was really hard on her and I know that it was before. I really understood it, but I still hate that so I made her feel worse about herself. I’Ll never forget lie was face, Cody told her. He said when you were in Iowa, your mom got sick and she died. She just cried and she looked at it then she said, but I want her. She hasn’t cried since she just so happy and confident. I love that she got all that from her mother, but I see so much of Lindsay and her and I’m like okay, I’ve got to do things a little different with her. If I say no to something she’ll try to talk me out of it and Lindsay was the same way. She 7. It’S hard. I mean when I have her for five days at a time I’m worn out and I’m going to have to see her go to any states that kids have to go through. It’S just. She just said to her. I want to be a good parent. I want to be how Lindsey would have been. I tried to be Delilah. I don’t want to give you certain Behavior, because I feel sorry for her cuz. She doesn’t have a mother reliable, see how much your mom loved her she’d always say. I hope I’m half the mother to Lila that you are to me and I know she wanted – that
Her daughter lost her confidence, and then her life to drugs. How does she ensure it won’t happen, again – to her granddaughter?

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