‘I quit teaching to become an acrobat’ – BBC News

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‘I quit teaching to become an acrobat’ – BBC News
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quitting my job is a scary thing for sure you no having no source of income no structure I’m really just got an alarm it feels amazing you got this I love what I do and I love the reaction of the old again it feels great to entertain people it could be something something else to be a different character in so come away from everyday life I need that was a big challenge for three months I could have woke I had to learn to walk again and I’m still recovering now I’m guessing that but it’s been a long process you just never know what’s going to happen as long as you have a back-up plan and you have to support around you I think it makes it much easier hard work and determination you can achieve your goals
A Dorset teacher quit her job to follow her dream of becoming an international acrobat.
Haylee Martin, who goes by the stage name Haylee-Ann, left her teaching job in order to dedicate her time to training.
She’s since gone on to tour the world, performing in shows such as Batman Live and the 2012 Olympics.
Video Journalist: Samantha Everett

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