ICE Chief Shown Video Of Crying Girl Separated From Migrant Dad | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC

ICE Chief Shown Video Of Crying Girl Separated From Migrant Dad | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC
ICE Chief Shown Video Of Crying Girl Separated From Migrant Dad | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC
Is cracking down on both legal and illegal immigration? This morning, NBC exclusive have her father was detained during a massive Statewide Roundup in Mississippi last week. Well, I don’t think I would speak to a little girl. I would speak to the parents and I would speak to the community-at-large. Look, I’m a parent most of our officers and agents, her parents, some of the most difficult things that we have to do in our jobs. Laws involved the separation of parents from children. Every law enforcement officer has to do with us some point in their career many officers on a daily basis. When an officer goes into arrest, somebody for a crime of domestic violence, one of those the children there is going to be. We conduct our open operations with professionalism with compassion and with humanity, and tried our best to minimize the impact on the innocent people. Others of the situation, however, we have to enforce the law, enforces the law against individuals who have broken it, the parents or the individuals that are breaking the law, ultimately, the ones that are responsible for placing their children, the situation, medical reporter, Eugene, Scott Gabe. I was watching that I don’t have you kept your cool because the parents are to be blamed for breaking the law for tomorrow they were no enforcement’s, discernible against the employer’s. The timing of the raid has been questioned. The insensitivity of proceeding with the ray the same day as the El Paso visit by the president to comfort a terrorized Hispanic Community after what happened Paso just days earlier and yes he’s a law enforcement officer. But why didn’t they contitech contact Mississippi child services in advance? Why didn’t they bring an HHH Pino, HHS, Ike and Rec Ron’s fuel, those things number one? They say they didn’t have to contact child protective services and they did contact the local school districts. As the operation was infolding acting director for law enforcement operations. You can’t, I tip anyone off. That was his argument. Now I did press him on Wymore of the employers were not charged and deflected. That thing is part of an ongoing investigation acting DHS director he was on Meet the Press. He did call the unfortunate, but just a few days after El Paso, but the eye I just incredible., You know I can take. They say that their job is law enforcement, but there are policymakers, Kevin mcaleenan at the top Mick Mulvaney in the White House. They didn’t tell the White House if they want to avoid the weeks for president speaking about it, but for someone in the White House not to have said this is bad timing and in fact the president about this by Kristen Welker on Friday. And he said about to determine value for Extranet something insignificant that for quite a while now this has been seen by many as a deterrent, for the Administration has ignited set it. As you mentioned on Friday, President Trump directly called as a deterrent, and he suggested that yes, he does agree that this is a deterrent, not the video of that little girl per se, but the law enforcement action set. What’S on NPR, I believe today, and he decided it was up to him to rewrite Emma Lazarus. So that’s play that audio. Would you also agree that Emma Lazarus has words etched on the Statue of Liberty? Give me your tired. Torpor are also part of the American ethos: immigration official. So basically we’re saying green cards. If you got the money, if you’ve got private healthcare, so don’t send me your tired, send the wealthy struggling message. A lot of immigrants come to the United States in the first place, many of them if they have these approach to immigration, the fact that they really tried to double down on the immigrants coming from Central America, the Caravans to the US and voters overwhelmingly decided. That was not something that they wanted to get behind, which we can expect more could be the issue, but it really pushes swing voters away, and this is all Stephen Miller. You know this business of changing the requirements for green cards in October. Unless there’s some legal action that empties between now and then change it all character of immigration of what has been an historic asylum-seeking, which is international treaty and American law Amerika, it’s my grandparents, I don’t know about the rest of you – add steps to reduce legal immigration. Significant, I act asked the acting ice director about that as well. Who are there? He would comment, then said but know that was different apartment, but this is definitely steering as we head into the election operations everyday, even though this is the largest Works play. Staying in more and more than a decade certainly appears that see more of these and it’s in the head. The president himself, in the last several months that discuss those ice raids. Where can O positive undocumented immigrants were supposed to be targeted materialized at the time, but then we heard about that. We should know how you know shouldn’t we should see in the future whether any of these larger rates. Rather, we continue to San Diego thanks for watching MSNBC on YouTube. If you want to keep up-to-date with the videos were putting out you, can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list to see lots of other great videos?
MSNBC’s Gabe Gutierrez interviews Acting ICE director Matthew Albence, and shows him video of a crying girl separated from her migrant dad. Albence defended his agency’s raids across Mississippi, saying those breaking the law were ultimately the ones to blame for the separations.
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ICE Chief Shown Video Of Crying Girl Separated From Migrant Dad | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC

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