Ice is a lifeline for the world’s coldest region

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Ice is a lifeline for the world’s coldest region
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Ice is a lifeline for the world’s coldest region
As winter returns to siberius Northeastern region of yakutia villages on the take a crucial ritual that will keep that families from dying from thirst the harvesting of ice. Thank you device provide enough water to sustain a small family around seven months, as temperatures Hit 41 degrees toothache to harvest summer sandwiches any ice water. Other advantages is the purest drink. activity and it’s 74 years old. This villager avoids drinking it at all. Costs smells like chlorine and his sometimes snowbaz harvesting is pasta. The younger generations of the sparsely-populated yakutia in this region, home 2 million Lakes, one for each of its inhabitants. It’S a skill that will prove crucial for their survival.
Yakutia, in northeastern Siberia, is Russia’s largest region and experiences the planet’s coldest temperatures, but for the inhabitants of this remote place, the cold isn’t an obstacle, it sustains their very lives. Braving -41 degrees Celsius, locals harvest ice to use as their only source of potable water as tap water is only available two and a half months of the year due to freezing pipes. With the cost of digging wells too high because of the thick permafrost that freezes the ground all year, the majority of the villages in Yakutia stick to the old ways of ice picks and frozen eyelashes.

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