Idlib frontline: Sense of an ending for Syria’s war – BBC News

Idlib frontline: Sense of an ending for Syria’s war – BBC News
In this world, most Syrian Christians have chosen silence for the regime. That’S George’s Church in scobey, novel Abdullah, the local Commander, is proud of his. Mostly Christian Tom has had a bishop since the 4th and he’s proud that, in the fight to end the rebellion in idlib Christians from Skull beer around the front line, the guns are silent for now, because turkey and Russia want to set up a demilitarize send to Separate the regime and its enemies. On the other side, islamist fighting groups orders from Western intelligence services, including Britain’s. He says. The extremists have a choice, give up that ideology or be killed, new deal’s a deal with them and we will do a deal when Europe and America support, stop funding them and putting veggie ideology in their head on the Frontline around Italy. Providence Bruins population lost after the regime denies accusation that its forces are the biggest Killers. The next stop will send you one more badly damaged Ghost Town government forces push jihadists of the nostril front out of here earlier this year at the school reopen the ministry was delivering supplies. The regime wants to show it’s getting the country back in the classroom of children too young to remember peace. Only 100 families have come back to sinjar for children who is a bright spot. Four movements in jazz wrecked Mainstreet was busy before they melted away into the empty damage. Town cuz that has just started at the school with a family. She arrived from Italy bony 10 days ago, a place of bad memories. One day, jihadist Fighters came to the house. The father they killed his son, a booty because his mother was an Alla week from the same sectors, the president and from the allawi heartland. I sent his mother with her kids back there at the beginning of the crisis. He was 14 years old, so he stayed with me. They cut his head off in front of me in my house in abador. He was 14 years ago. They cut off his head because his mother was a prominent Sakia driving through this part of Syria, from military positions to Broken towns in the rubble and pain. An end is Insight. The rebels are almost be reopening this highway. Bm5 is part of the plan to avoid a lot of battle in his lip. This is serious. My notes app rebels in it since early in the war. After all, the years of killing and destruction president outside and his allies are close to Victory, but the president will never be able to stay, but he’s 22 the whole country, while this road is still cut. That’S why reopening it has become one of his major strategic priorities and it said by the Russians as well. This is, as far as you can go up the highway on the regime side, the Lost Syrian Army Post looking across a territory help by the rebels. If the demilitarized zone doesn’t work, the race, the Russians and the Iranians might launch defensive so feared by Ed lips: 3 million civilians Venice, the future, not that be like a war but not cozy or reassuring sinews on the front line.
Maybe Idlib is where the war ends. Or perhaps it is where it reshapes itself to create a new agony for the Syrian people.
BBC Middle East editor Jeremy Bowen, travelled along the regime side of the front line around Idlib.
Three million civilians and perhaps 90,000 rebel fighters are inside its perimeter. It is estimated that they include a hard core of up to 20,000 jihadist extremists.

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