If Brexit were a movie… – BBC News

If Brexit were a movie… – BBC News
10, cinemas this Christmas, the longest script ever Rhythm and starring to resume, as you never seen her before the wrestling game, the highs, the lows: deep dancing, incredible story of Journey so far, but heads will roll and she’s running out of time. With this deal the wrong to see the biggest break of it, the streets of thousands could finally be determined. This latest installment multi-lingual Challenger, first chill out the charm, the $ 27 at least this time. It won’t get a giant room full of toast. You’Ll have to win the Battle of a lifetime parked as MP’s go to vote or face one of these staging the next year, brexit to DVC
We take a wry look at the Brexit process:

The Brexit Games: Starring Theresa May, and Featuring the newly agreed 585-page Draft text of the Brexit draft withdrawal agreement, a new chapter of “the Brexit games” is about to begin.

Stay tuned to know what will happen next?


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