If your partner died would you get financial support? BBC News

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If your partner died would you get financial support? BBC News
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espanyol without young parent of young children absolutely everything changes and I was quite sad that James is James at the full time salary coming in and Mom is a part-time cashier salary James died suddenly he had a stroke episode of music by gozie we hadn’t done in your life changed from then all the things that James and I felt that we could provide all children with anything to guy I couldn’t find the money of the justification to be paying off school clubs in the equipment of the children needed you don’t get you into fail to and anyway I manually want to provide the best and I space is OSI some other compensation for the fact that you are the only parent and your children have suffered a huge drama that you had no control of your phone somebody would have helped with died today cost for the children new uniform stick of their education goes to school trips therapy for the children say this would have been the money that James would have paid through his Insurance contributions throughout his life he was 41 when he died at work since I was 18 I wonder what happened to that money he was a father in every way I feel that he’s now being treated that parenting and the children aren’t allowed his contributions
The UK Supreme Court will hand down a decision on Thursday regarding the denial of bereavement benefits to a mother of four in County Antrim, on the basis that she had not been married to her partner. Siobhan McLaughlin had successfully challenged the decision in the High Court in Belfast, but a subsequent government challenge to that ruling was upheld in the County Antrim.
Currently you are not eligible to receive bereavement payments if you were not married or in a civil union with your partner.
While it’s not clear whether Thursday’s Supreme Court ruling at 1100 will affect similar cases across the United Kingdom, bereaved partners are watching the case with interest.
The BBC met Sarah Cripps, a mother of three from Surrey, who lost her partner in 2015.

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