‘I’m hiding an Afghan asylum seeker in my house’ – BBC News

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‘I’m hiding an Afghan asylum seeker in my house’ – BBC News
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it was a hit and didn’t have anywhere to go so the option is to get deported or living on the street so for me I have an extra room so why not I can stay here and now he’s well part of our family Sweden has been traditionally tolerance with migrants but now stands at a Crossroads in September the country has a general election when migration has become the big issue most sweets what we do most of the park migraines since they don’t get residency they have to go on the ground and hide some promises we believe that you cannot return let’s have such a risk the question is can you return to other parts of the country and that’s one of the main reasons why you are not given address of Publix and that’s all I’m in Sweden that we say that you’d be comfortable with high level of violence but you can return to other parts of Afghanistan where they’re Lovely Isn’t that high as long as he made who will always be welcome here but you can’t live your life
Sweden has hardened its stance on accepting asylum seekers, as public opinion shifts on immigration. But not all Swedes welcome the crackdown. In the spirit of student Elin Ersson, who recently refused to sit down unless an Afghan refugee due for deportation was taken off her plane, some are even hiding asylum seekers in their houses.
Reporter: Ayman Oghanna
Camera: Jewan Abdi
Editors: Greg Brosnan, Kate Forbes, Theopoula Skarlatos.

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