In 360: Inside Women’s prison in Madagascar – BBC News

In 360: Inside Women’s prison in Madagascar – BBC News
Claudia is in prison for allegedly raping a nun, and if you look behind you, so is she, and so is this woman and her infant and the kids have been detained for the last 18 months for the same sexual assault and assault some of their male relatives Stand Accused off, but they are not alone mini. Many Madagascar’s prison have been accused of being accomplices for crimes committed by husbands, Sons or brothers, rape and murder. More than half of the country’s prisoners are currently in prison on pretrial detention, many or insure of when they case will go to trial, and some of these with has been living in limbo for up to three years living in overcrowded and dirty cells, often with the Children for crimes they didn’t commit you’re about to experience life in madagascan reasons. For yourself, this Embassy video allows you to control the camera with your mouth or finger to look up down round as we explore the prison’s together. This is just a few hours drive south of the Island’s capital, more than 60 women or detained Within These Walls, more than half of them on pretrial detention. Most of these women say they are here for crimes committed by male family members, husband’s brother’s son. The government failed to respond to the specific allegations regarding women being imprisoned for male relatives crimes, but the Justice Minister dibling the rising pretrial detention on population growth he’s in crime in the purple shirt here says the police rarely conduct proper investigations instead, adragna style of policing Is adopted in the country in her case over 50 people, including women and children, were arrested for raping the same none 18-month, son and clothes. I still awaiting trial a prisoner of war. Claudia says the biggest challenge is getting enough to eat. Detainees typically receive less than half of the 750 grams of cassava required by Madagascar. The government said it has launched a pilot into prisons to improve the Dayton he’s food rations, but the women below you are lucky. Unlike ludia, they have family. We need food for them. Others return to embroidery. This not only helps pass the hours. What helps generate a meager income with the used to buy meat and vegetables being in the women here are getting ready to go to church. Do churches located in the men’s compound and your husband for the rape of the nun? She doesn’t know whether her husband assaulted To None or whether he was forced to confess by the police. She says she was slapped until she gave them the response they were looking for, but fruit in a mind. Looking across the men’s compound each day. She now knows one thing for certain: she says she would leave her husband when she gets out. Staying with him will only mean going back to help me prayers before 5 p.m. look up for the children were missing out on an indication they pray for the day in court, but most of all, they pray for the Forgiveness of the men who put them in Here,
Women in Madagascar say they are being jailed for crimes their male relatives are accused of – crimes which include the rape of a nun and murder.

The BBC’s Marc Ellison gained access to Madagascan prisons to speak to women who have been detained for months – and sometimes years – told they were “accomplices” or should have known what their husbands, brothers or sons were doing.

This immersive video takes you inside the prisons to experience life there for yourself. You control the camera – so look up, down, and around, and experience life aboard an oil rig.

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