In 360: Life on an Oil Rig- BBC News

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In 360: Life on an Oil Rig- BBC News
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mine is no typical commute to the office there’s no good luck to load stalkers on our mobile phones no keys in the rain working on oil rig in the middle of the North Sea means can you take by helicopter is a must welcome to my office welcome to Shearwater this immersive video allows you to control the combo with your mouse so weak up down and around as we explore the Shearwater platform together my name is Paul what I’m an operations commissioned officer disembarking from the helicopter with assigned our living quarters take a look around this is what I’ll be sleeping on the rig for the next 3 weeks it’s small but you get used to it now I feel my protective gear it’s time to start my 12-hour shift I worked on this shake for nearly a decade she could say it’s like my second home look around you and you’ll get an idea of the scale and layout of the platform the shifts are fading but least I know what the end of every rotation or get a month off so this is what I work but I getting too technical with you and basically in charge of controlling the flow of hydrocarbons into Shearwater it’s refining and export honey I’m about people playing 12/9 that’s what this rate eventually export oil and gas spot for the mainline mine is one of many rules 100 strong tree of Shearwater undertakes operated by show The Shield water platform sits in 90 meters of surging co-author about 140 miles east of Aberdeen Mississippi Triple H connects the two steel jackets that the big consist of if you and you you will see that one part that the central processing facility the other is the Wellhead platform both are designed to withstand wave heights over 23 meters or collisions from a 5000 ton vessel the weather here can be wild it’s true and the platform is always noisy but you’d be amazed at how quickly you get used to the biggest adjustment for me is switching between the Dead make sure even though we’re stuck in the middle of the North Sea that damn thing doesn’t drive as much as you may think we have gym on even though it’s new Cineplex we buy Cinema 2 my aim is to just try and relax the next long shift is just around the corner it can be tough being away from friends and family for weeks at a time and although your cremate become like an extended family you can still get on each others nerves after awhile so I’m looking forward to getting home seeing friends and family and maybe taking a whole day of adored
Have you ever wondered what life is like on an oil rig in the North Sea? Well, in this immersive video, one worker takes you around the Shearwater platform. You control the camera – so look up, down, and around, and experience life aboard an oil rig.
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