In A World Filled With Plastic, How Do You Live Without It? | NBC News

In A World Filled With Plastic, How Do You Live Without It? | NBC News
In A World Filled With Plastic, How Do You Live Without It? | NBC News
Back in 2007 2008, I started hearing about something called the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. I started hearing that there was some kind of Island out in Pacific Ocean that was full of plastic and theirs wanted to go clean it up. I was basically told by experts. You can’t clean it up. We are creating Millions, if not billions, of tons of single-use and Disposal topic and somehow it’s ending up in our environment. I realized that I needed to begin to look at stopping at the source. I have a lot of my reusable bottle. I also obviously save glass jam jars from spaghetti, sauce and different things that I buy and I reuse them and then I guess a lot of people keep their food in the you know: fruit and vegetables in separate bags. I don’t do that because I don’t understand why I would need to do that. One of the places I really had an aha moment was at the house Food Market. Literally one day I just looked around man., My God. Everything here is packaged in plastic. One day I didn’t see it the next day I saw it plastic is in your face the whole day you get up in the morning. You brush your teeth. Do you use a plastic toothbrush at some point that pasta Crystal becomes toxic pollution and, let’s say I’m a person who like to grab a coffee on my way, walking to work? If I haven’t remembered to bring my own reusable cup with me, then I’m taking a cop and although it may feel like it’s made of paper, a certain percentage of that couple have plastic in it to keep it from leaking. If it would be possible for me to get an iced tea in my own cup, okay, great, thank you. What so you do that five days a week. Adds up and if I get it in my own cup, so you guys offer any kind of discount 20 % off okay. Well, thank you. I need to go to the cleaners I’m going to go to the dry cleaners and drop off something I use my own reusable bag, but normally somebody would drop off their clothes and when they come to pick it up, it would be wrapped in plastic. They do these reusable bags and you can use them to bring your product in drop off your laundry and then, when you come back to pick it up, they turn it the other direction and then you’re, not using plastic. When you pick up your stuff for school, I think I’m just going to get a couple of them and I don’t want a plastic bag. Ok, one of the things I found very, very effective and very useful and accessible to a open farmers markets. Could you do like a jar of this for me and glass granted, I’m spoiled. I live in Southern California and we have them all year round, but this is a really important tool and concept because it makes available to people pretty much for the most part unpackaged. The problem across all socioeconomic areas – many of our consumers, are using plastic bags here at Market to take food home they’re, bringing plastic bags to carry things away, and I think we’ve done a really good job across the board at switching people over to Moto bag. But I think the next problem for us that we’re looking closer at is single-use plastic produce bags, actually what I’ve learned in it in lower-income communities. I’Ve learned a lot of great tips about packing up food they’ve not been dependent on plastic for a long time, and it has some of these old school practices for generations and you’ll find that, like they weren’t converted over to plastic. Until you know, Baby Kaely, my family and I had to call the low hanging fruit in terms of zero waste and eliminating single-use Plastics, and we were looking to further remove plastic from our lives in that, then, then you start to look at what you’re purchasing shampoo Bottles conditioners and it became a pair, but there wasn’t a resource available to eliminate this, this type of plastic. Once I thought about opening a refill station, it’s always been there, it’s it’s. This makes sense. This needs to happen. La needs to have one. I think it’s really wrong that way you eat in at any of these chains are coffee shops. You then sit and look at a pile of garbage that you created won’t. We want to order some food and I was just wondering how how do you survive ceramic utensils or canceled, and then do you serve plastic straws or no, when I’m out with friends always say no straws, please don’t bring any plastic straws to this table. Plastic straws are just Gateway into opening your eyes to all of the single-use plastic pollution problem that we’re surrounded by. When I pull out my own steel straw or when I use my bamboo utensil kit in the last couple years, I hear people say: are you using your own thing cuz you because of that video with the turtle that has a straw stuck in its nose and I’M like yes, because I think that we need a massive system shift and we need, and frankly we’re going for, like total Behavior change play NBC News viewers, YouTube channel, subscribe, I’m down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch. The latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusive thanks for watching
After years of seeing garbage pile up on the beaches and waterways where she lives, activist Dianna Cohen decided to attack the pollution at its source: by removing plastic from her life. She wants to convince the world to do the same.
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In A World Filled With Plastic, How Do You Live Without It? | NBC News

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