In Trump’s Ukraine Scandal, A Reprise Of Sketchy 2016 Characters | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

In Trump’s Ukraine Scandal, A Reprise Of Sketchy 2016 Characters | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC
In Trump’s Ukraine Scandal, A Reprise Of Sketchy 2016 Characters | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC
Happy to have you with us time to be alive for the sitting. President of the United States is currently in jail, specifically he’s in federal prison serving a 7 + year sentence for multiple felony conviction, while he is simultaneously awaiting the start of his State Trial. On similar charge, stop the president’s campaign chairman the president overseeing his case when she let him know that while he is awaiting his own come out after today, he no longer needs explicit permission from that judge. Every time he wants to leave the jurisdiction in which his case is being handled, but the judge in his case trust him enough now to let him roam around a little bit more than he used to be allowed at least leading up to his sentencing. That counts is a happy day for the president’s campaign. Alumni Association, local advisor is going on trial a little more than a month from now. Today we got the exhibits list from prosecutors for his trials. Basically, a list of evidence that prosecutors plan to use against him at his trial. According to this new filing. Among the evidence, Prosecco apparently includes some sort of chart see number 167 area a chart showing the number of written Communications between this particular advisor and Trump campaign. Officials during the 2016, I think, from the right-hand column they’re that list of objections. I think that means that the defense is apparently objecting to prosecutors, using this evidence on multiple grounds, including it being unduly prejudicial. Officially, as of today, the prosecutor said they want to use that and more than a hundred and fifty other things against Rodger stone at trial. That trial, in which the president’s political advisor is accused of lying to investigators about his contact with the entity is posting online. All the Democratic documents that got hacked and stolen by Russian military intelligence, his trial is scheduled now for November soon. Thereafter, we are expecting yet another Federal sentencing date for the presidents advisor who will be sentenced for lying to investigators about his secret contacts with the Russian government during the transition. Between when Trump won won the election and when he was sworn in as president, the president’s Longtime personal lawyer also sits today in federal prison, but there’s a lot of anticipation now that there may also potentially be new state charges Brewing related to the president or potentially his business entities That Couldn’t derive from infirm provided by the president’s longtime lawyer to State prosecutors. In New York, the reason there is that anticipation at least discussion of that possibility is because, in quick succession we recently learned that Michael Cohen had met with state theaters at the federal prison where he is currently serving his sentence. The state prosecutors went up to Otisville New York and met with him in federal prison. He reportedly spoke to them on that visit, seeking lenience for himself in the event that any state charges were brought based on the information that he’s giving them soon. Thereafter, we learned that those State prosecutors have also issued a subpoena for eight years of the president’s tax returns. That subpoena is currently being litigated in court length of the novel argument for the president’s legal team last week. That not only can the president not be indicted while he is serving an office. His new legal team claims now that the president can also not be criminally investigated for anything, no matter what he does no matter of the alleged or apparent crime. He can’t be investigated. Let alone prosecuted so your lifetime and nobody will ever be able to take that away from you time to be alive, but I’m taking that and sort of tour around the Lazy, Susan of the president indicted and convicted advisors and campaign AIDS. There is a piece of this that is coming back around now in the midst of the snow. Roiling controversy over the president is actually admitting that he and another one of his personal lawyers have been pressuring a foreign government to start an investigation into the front-runner. The Democratic presidential primary with the somewhat obvious hope that such an investigation by a foreign country dirty up Joe Biden’s reputation enough to either prevent him from getting the Democratic nomination or at least heard him in the general against Trump fighting, doesn’t fact become. His parties nominate this controversy over Trump’s Behavior toward Ukraine and listing them to helping his real life has been bubbling for more than a week now in the intelligence Community who had gone through appropriate channels to it, registered an official whistleblower complaint about the president’s alleged behavior And then later emerged first in the Washington Post and then in other news, local news outlets that it was the president’s behave are specifically related to Ukraine that had spurred that whistleblower to come forward still the blower is, we still don’t know the exact nature of the Complaint, a lot of this still have to come out and likely will come out over the next few days. But the legal and ethical bottom line here appears to be fairly contested and already quite clear, which is that the president, once again that has gone and solicited foreign help for his election effort. Political bottom line here is even if Republicans decide they don’t care about that. This does appear to be bridging any pre-existing Democratic divisions over the question of whether or not they should pursue impeachment for things against. It is starting to look like if nothing else Trump is going to get himself impeached in the house for doing this with Ukraine. I will have more on that coming up on the show later tonight from that legal and political legal, and I think it’s going to change the way. The whole is the question of why this is happening specifically in Ukraine. That is very inclined. Why is this particular? The one who is now in federal prison awaiting word on whether he will also have to do it wasn’t unusual hireright. I totally Anonymous figure, but I mean what he was known for wasn’t the kind of thing that would stack you up to be the next presidential campaign chairman and he had been a business partner. Who is the President’s political advisors going on trial and felony charges in November in criminal fraud scheme involving Federal housing funds during the that’s one way to be famous, represent the most odious dictators in the world? A guy, so even other Hired Guns in Washington would be ashamed to be associated with Paul manafort. Was your guy typical resume for a presidential campaign? He was a strange choice to come in and run not just a presidential campaign, but the presidential campaign for the de-facto nominee of the Republican Party Trump was onboard and importance because of his background is also cuz. He hasn’t really been working in Washington very much at all for more than a decade at the time that Trump picked him have been primarily working in Ukraine. Pro-Russia Pro Putin political party in Ukraine called the party of regions, Paul manafort, famously took the leader of that party, who was previously known as a kind of inarticulate menacing thuggish guy was an organized crime. Figure is real, the fame was in chicken smuggling. I kid you not about Paul manafort, Viktor Yanukovych and Extreme Makeover, where he basically donated his own haircut to Victor Henry made this guy in his own image, and he built this Pro Putin political party under Yanukovych into the ruling party in that fractious and very corrupt Country call campaign after the New York Times, first reported on documents that were discovered in Ukraine, which showed manafort being paid more than 12 million dollars off the books by yanukovych’s political party 2016. But even then, it was clear that he was going to sort of leave a trail behind it right, it was gone from. The Trump campaign was already serving as president. His ties to Ukraine we’re still periodically making national news in this country, because it was weird that manafort got picked to be running a presidential campaign in the United States in 2016 and his Ukraine. We learn about them even after he was fired. It really did seem like real liabilities for somebody who had brought in at the top to run American presidential operation, let alone one that resulted in the White House July 2017 by Mike MacIntyre, which showed that right up until manafort came out of nowhere to take the Job running the Trump campaign in 2016, he was in debt massively in debt to business entities to kremlin-linked, so Dierks, one of those two kremlin-linked oligarchs was Oleg deripaska, a Russian oligarch reported to be very close to Putin your contract with Paul manafort’s from manafort to promote The interests of the Putin government around the world, including in the United States, over the course of the Russia Scandal and the Mueller investigation and all the open source reporting around that it would emerge that metaphor, use his position on the Trump campaign. 2 quote: get hole with deripaska. Remember he owed deripaska a lot of money. Full report laid out in detail metaphor also repeatedly use encrypted apps to send detailed polling data from the Trump campaign to an associate with the FBI assess to be an asset of Russian military intelligence that Russian military Intel took. Sources then thought to have passed that detail. Pulling information from manafort on to Oleg deripaska, the gru asset, incidentally, was also indicted by Robert Mueller. That’S him in the blue shirt there on the left to be in hiding, and at least evading u.s. Justice in Russia has been denied a visa to visit the United States, reportedly because of what the US government believes to be. Deripaska ties to International organized crime. Their passcode was also sanctioned by the US government in response to the Russian attack on the 2016 election. Thanks to the intervention and largesse of Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch, McConnell Oleg deripaska was recently relieved of much of the burden of those sections, but that’s one of the two guys to whom manafort owed millions of dollars when he took over the the other guy. Was this fellow guy with the three-piece suit there? In the nice red tie, Dmitry firtash operations of the party of regions in Ukraine was funding. Party. He is Rich, almost beyond belief, specifically because made himself at one of the motherlode corruption stories of Ukraine and and Russian foreign influence is that for years assistant that they’re guy in Ukraine, Dmitry firtash would be given a cut of every cubic inch of natural gas that Russia pumped through Ukraine on its way to Europe, Ukraine is is full of pipelines that start East and Carrie toward the west right and to the extent that Russia has a Stranglehold on European energy policy because they are a almost monopolistic supplier to some countries of Europe. In terms of their gas supply Transit Transit through Ukraine and got a cut of every inch of it for anything to earn that money was literally just the artificially installed middleman literally billion dollars a year in pure Profit, just at the kremlin’s direction. You want Russian gas to Transit. Your country, you will have Dmitri, take a cut of all of it, so is making billions of dollars a year for that Hostess gift. Thank you for that Arrangement. Intern use some of his money to prop up Pro Russia, political parties. In Ukraine, pro-kremlin political parties, pro-kremlin politicians, including run the party of regions to get Viktor Yanukovych, installed that Ukraine’s president to those two guys and he the reason he owed them. Money is because of business entanglements. He got involved with each of them had separate business deals with each of them, but there was one deal that they had in common: a supposed plan to spend almost a billion dollars. Turning a Park, Avenue Hotel Site into a new gari tower in New York City. That one actually involved manafort and both of those Kremlin connected old Ox jackpot, never came to fruition. But it was the source of huge controversy in Ukraine because it was seen as basically away and effort to launder hundreds of millions of dollars of ill-gotten gains through New York, City, real-estate and the and the Unexplained Financial ties to Trump Kim Trump with firtash. It’S also the mob stop. It’S also the organized crime in 2014, right after manafort’s client Viktor Yanukovych was posted in Ukraine ousted in a popular Uprising, and he fled first to Eastern ran into Moscow. Ultimately, for his own safety, three weeks was ousted from power and fled the country. Russia’S man in Ukraine, Dmitry firtash, this billionaire they had created by firtash, was arrested at the FBI’s request. The FBI said they wanted them arrested for alleged involvement in a multibillion-dollar bribery scheme living in Vienna at the time that this FBI request willing to arrest him at the FBI’s request. But they have not been willing to ship him over to the US to face trial. On this property charges, first thing they did. Was they let him out on bail 174 million dollars as his bail. It? Why not literally wrote a check? 174 million dollars 74 million-dollar bill payment as kept jail for, I think, like 5 years now, but they also haven’t sent him abroad to face trial. He has been fighting his extradition from Austria with the help of some of the most expensive lawyers that money can buy. It again, if you got the money to spend, why not spend it on Holi 2017 around the Times the New York around the time. The New York Times is reporting on manafort’s, mysterious Financial ties to both Dmitry firtash and all about so important for them to get their hands on for Tosh. Wife has case shouldn’t be too Smith. Why they needed to have him extradited to the United States why he needed to go on trial in the 2017, including this startling person from justice department prosecutors quote, Dimitri has been identified by US law enforcement as an upper-echelon associate of Russian organized crime. Is prosecution will disrupt this organized crime group and prevent it from taking further criminal Acts United States? This prosecution therefore seeks to protect this country, its Commerce and its citizens from the corrupting influence and withering effects of international organized crime. American politics right you’ll, always be able to tell this story. Interment is revealed to have extensive, unresolved Financial liabilities to two different billionaire oligarchs, both of whom are assessed by the US government to be seriously tied to International organized crime are very tightly and finance. We connected to the Kremlin and at the same time, this guy brings all that baggage over here with him from Ukraine. To inexplicably start running a US presidential campaign starts intervening to help pink to elect President of the United States to help him here in this election. In the United States to help get his candidates into the Oval Office, so how does it work out in the end? For all these guys, one of them Goes to Jail. Paul manafort is in jail in part for not paying taxes on any of these secret payments. That he received from the party of regions, one of the Kremlin, connect action by the US government which looks like it might be financially devastating for him. But it was rescued from those sanctions. At the last moment, hundreds of millions of dollars building a new aluminum plant in Mitch, McConnell’s home state of the United States. Every charges still fighting because he does not want to face Federal prosecutors, who have said formally and in writing to the court that they believed him to be an upper-echelon associate of Russian organized crime. In June of this year, the Supreme Court, Austria ruled that the Dmitry firtash indeed could be extradited to the US. He still hasn’t been though he is using his infinite Financial Resources to pay for a battery of u.s. lawyers to prevent that from coming to fruition. But now, in the midst of this whole bubble write this whole roiling boil of a scandal about Trump and whatever it is he’s doing with Ukraine. Now, today, in the middle of all that we play Paul manafort to elevate a pro-putin government in Ukraine’s government to be an organized crime, figure who’s been indicted. Who is wanted by US law enforcement? Today we got word that Dmitry firtash lawyers and they are not like the rest of his English lawyers. They are very different than his very expensive ayla’s lawyers. They are, in fact, these people, who are husband and wife, and they are fixtures on the Fox News Channel. They are part of the trumpet framed. It’S all the Witch Hunt chorus in the Fox News, Green Room, and I don’t mean to be rude – and I do not mean this in an ad hominem way, but Dmitry firtash is like the richest dude in Ukraine. Right already has really accomplished expensive, really: fancy really Shameless u.s. wires. He does not need to beef up his representation in that regard, the only reason you would need the people from TV add to your intellectual Firepower. Only reason you would need the lawyers from the TV would be to get the attention of the president, presumably by having favorable statement about your case up here on some friends. Fox News shows that are in Primetime, and I think part of what may be going on here is that the manafort part of our Lives, the sort of scummy Paul manafort universe that came into view, threw him in it bleeding elevator to run that presidential campaign, and Then, ultimately, to his firing from the campaign and then ultimately through the Russia investigation and through the prosecution of Paul manafort, that has put him in federal prison this night, as I speak, the dummy Universal Paul manafort appears to still be operative. Here I mean right now. There’S lots of attention I think frightfully being paid to the fact that the president and his personal lawyer, mr. Giuliani, have told Ukraine that Ukraine needs to produce some sort of dirt on Joe Biden and the president’s re-election campaign isn’t just asking for dirt on biting right. He’S also, reportedly telling you that they need to open an investigation into what happened to good old, Paul manafort. They need to invest the revelations from those off-the-books payments to those revelation of those off-the-books payments to manafort, which again not only resulted in getting fired from the Trump campaign. It resulted in some of the prison time he is now serving because he didn’t pay taxes on that income in the president has waited deeply into impeachment liability, hereby apparently seeking foreign assistance to help him try to win the next election to the part of what is Also going on here is some sort of effort to downfall, of manafort to rehabilitate or resurrect the guys who were the funders of manafort for all his pro-putin political work in Ukraine. I mean there aren’t serious questions about whether or not manafort’s secretly took millions of his political work in Ukraine that ledger that showed those payments to him was rigorously authenticated by journalist in the United States and Ukraine. It was also further validated why on Earth? Would the president and his personal lawyer now be going back to miss right before we had no idea? He sorry about that. Sorry about that the waters over whether or not what metaphor did in Ukraine was illegal and corrupt and bad for that country. Why would they be going back the case of Nana, for here we don’t know yet a lot of it has to come out president campaign in 2016. Is that, however, weird it seemed to come basically from Ukraine? Come back to the US and work on a political campaign here knew what he brought with him: work, contacts and business partners and secret funders and organized crime links Kremmling Connections in Ukraine for Trump. In 2016 time in the Kremlin wanted to use lots of different levers of power to try to get Donald Trump elected president, and now, four years later, for the re-elect Trump is going back to Ukraine directly asking for their help against their likely Democratic opponent can clear That you know, as far as they’re concerned looks like man for me. I’Ve gotten a raw deal trying to vindicate manafort’s tenure in Ukraine, trying to seem like I’m trying to make it seem like it. Maybe wasn’t a bunch of illegal payments and a massive corruption Scandal tied to these, maybe manafort got a raw deal. Maybe manafort was alright, maybe the whole scheme. That was propping up metaphor. It was not a scandal at all in relief, definitely fending off Expedition and now he’s got his trumpworld lawyers to make sure his case gets piped right into the president’s ear, and it’s working out for everybody. If 2016 had been a movie, you could not sell this as a sequel, you would have to sell the Remake, because, apart from Palmetto for being in prison this time around, it’s basically all the same stuff happening all over again, involving all the same people. Msnbc, thanks for watching MSNBC on YouTube. If you want to keep up-to-date with the videos were putting out you. Can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list and see lots of other great videos?
Rachel Maddow looks back at the role of Ukraine and the origins of Paul Manafort with the Donald Trump campaign in 2016 and traces those threads to the new iteration of Trump’s Ukraine scandal. Aired on 09/23/19.
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In Trump’s Ukraine Scandal, A Reprise Of Sketchy 2016 Characters | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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