India elections: “Modi will be judged on what he was able to deliver”

India elections: “Modi will be judged on what he was able to deliver”
India elections: “Modi will be judged on what he was able to deliver”
It is a massive operation, six weeks to make your calls or Polk County have a real chance and Rahul Gandhi does the does the name still carrying. I don’t think that’s enough, because people facing India a jobless growth, the Congress has promised jobs, but it’s public jobs is a good way to chewing wisdom. An economy so Monday would be Church on on on his son what it was able to deliver or not. But I think the election will be on Maury, not so much on Route you mentioned has issues unemployment going to create some 12:15 million people come every year, fresh on the market and the just not able to deliver as many job. So I’m not saying that you would be doing better eat it. It’S it’s! It’S a problem! The Indian polity is not being able to to to to to to to clean shower glass. I don’t see with such a growing population. I should say 50 million people coming onto the market jobs Market each year, it’s too difficult without any investment into education, primary education, secondary education, proper training, that., That’s an issue. The second issue is informal sector: 90 % of the people in the world have an employment contract to that. Obviously, a big issue that treated a dozen issue with how crime is that with many issues that Indians are concerned about now it’s a federal country, so you would assume that many of those issues fall under the responsibilities are of of the states of the decentralized state. So we have a problem in India to have a matching policy Across the Nation. It’S a nation of 30-plus States, a nation of 20-plus official languages. It’S also something which has not been very answer so far optimistic steel. It should look not just at the level of five-year-olds over the five or six decades last decade of the Locust has have game, so you have a slow rise. This arise, but it’s too slow in terms of jobs, interesting to see how that tell local talent but we’ll go as well.. So many questions out of a c 6 weeks of protein to to resolve it all. As your read off a bridge converse with the specialist eye that one India, thank you very much indeed featuring use pay on that France 24 in English be appreciate. Your time will keep you a couple of the following Sickle Cell from India, as they have a thank you so much again.
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Joel Ruet, President of Bridge Tank, Economist, India specialist, came to France 24 to speak about the Indian elections.

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