India floods: ‘I’ll have nothing if I leave my house’ – BBC News

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India floods: ‘I’ll have nothing if I leave my house’ – BBC News
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look up African completely cakes with thick mud where the water came rushing in you just have to look inside the bedroom you’ll see that they’ve tried to stack up as much of the furniture as possible but ready and this is why we told the river normally it’s about half a kilometer away from here today the waters rushed all the way to Waters and now completely surrounds this house leaving the owner totally isolated we can see how angry people are here that’s shown sitting down with the local government they say they’ve been completely neglected and they won’t leave that street until they get I need
Monsoon rains have claimed the lives of more than 500 people in large parts of India and flooded people’s homes.
Biren Gogoi lives in the country’s Assam state and, despite his house being flooded, he is refusing to leave.
Villagers there say they’re forgotten by the local government during every monsoon season, which lasts from July until September, but Indian authorities say they’re providing aid to everyone who needs it.
Report by Varun Nayar, Kunal Sehgal and Nick Beake

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