India Sabarimala temple: A state of chaos after a second straight day of violent protests

India Sabarimala temple: A state of chaos after a second straight day of violent protests
A state of chaos, a second straight day of violent demonstrations, Rock the state of Kerala India, Thursday, as conservative Hindu hard-liners protested. A recent Supreme Court decision overturning a ban on women. The holy Sabrina Le Temple most shops closed at Temple have called for a Statewide shutdown schools, canceled public transport suspended as running clashes between police and rioters filled the streets. Parallelism wing state government blame the country’s ruling Hindu nationalist BJP party for the violence that anybody forcing the software to close to off stuck in traffic and some would be arrested. Fundamentalist exploded, Wednesday after video emerged, showing two women secretly entering the Sabrina Le Temple under police guard pray for centuries. The temple has been off-limits to women of menstruating age or 10 to 15 years old in 1974. That rule was enshrined in law. Despite September Supreme Court ruling overturning the law, thousands of Hindu booties, both male and female, had four weeks managed to prevent any women under 50 from accessing the site. On Tuesday, the local government organized the huge human chain called the woman’s wall to demand equal access to the temple. You don’t want to go back to work and gender equality and died Wednesday after being hit in the head with a rock local media, say 4 people have been stabbed in the unrest over 100 injured, including 38 police officers. Critics of prime minister Narendra Modi accuse him and his BJP of using the issue to stir up his Hindu based out of general elections, scheduled for the spring
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