India’s Elections Last For 39 Days. Here’s Why. | NYT News

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India’s Elections Last For 39 Days. Here’s Why. | NYT News
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India’s Elections Last For 39 Days. Here’s Why. | NYT News
India’s Elections Last For 39 Days. Here’s Why. | NYT News
It’S the world’s biggest selection and truly an event like no other the marathon vote in India, more than 900 million people are eligible to vote. More than 8,000 candidates are vying for a seat in lower house, I’m pulling last for nearly six weeks or 39 days to be exact. So, needless to say in election, the second most populous country on Earth, it’s complicated and elaborate. India has 4 times as many registered voters than they. What state has higher voter turnout than the US? That’S because the country is committed to polling every one of their voters and when I say committed, I mean the required by law to do it, collection real, say that there has to be station within 2 km of every dwelling. That’S true for the more than 20 million people that live in Mumbai and for the soul, human living in gir Forest National Park in Gujarat, who gets his own polling Booth, so in practice that’s 1 million police stations and 12 million polling officials. These election workers go to all edges of the country. Literally 700 special trains will be deployed this year as well as boats planes. I did say elaborate. Entire exercise is this contraption electronic voting machines for two decades. Each machine has three parts: first, there’s the that counts and stores the votes and there’s the ballot in units where voters pick their candidates by pressing a button. The third piece is a secure printer that deposit the hard copy of each pallet into a sealed box, and it’s just that simple. The electronic voting process has made it dramatically easier for Indians to cast votes, but it’s also part of the reason why the process takes so long. There are just 1.6 million control units, but more than 900 million eligible voters. unit for every 552 voters. So, what’s at stake will fill 543 seats in Parliament slower house, the Lok Sabha. The golden number is 272 seats. That’S how much a party or Coalition needs to fix the next prime minister. People start the process all over again.
India’s election is the largest in the world. With roughly 900 million eligible voters, polling is a challenge. Our animated video explains how the government pulls it off.

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