Indigenous Canadians feel disrespected, leaving Liberal Party: CBC poll | On Guard for Me

Indigenous Canadians feel disrespected, leaving Liberal Party: CBC poll | On Guard for Me
Indigenous Canadians feel disrespected, leaving Liberal Party: CBC poll | On Guard for Me
Cbc News all this week taking the pulse of Canadians with a pole that to CBC News commission with a view to war the federal election in October. There have been some very interesting findings today that we’ve been examining looking at indigenous voters, 24 % of decided or leaning voters, indigenous voter say that today they would cast their ballots for the Liberals compared to 41 % of indigenous voters who supported the Liberals in 2015. Is his among respondents who were able to work how they voted? That is a drop of 17.1 of the very interesting numbers are going to talk about in more detail with a special guest. This morning, Sheila North former Manitoba Grand Chief who is in Winnipeg this morning. We often turn to Sheila for her perspective in looking forward to our conversation this morning. Welcome back, thank you heather the morning number government and, as a result, are abandoning support for the liberal party. So, let’s begin, if we could, with your reaction to that big number, whether that something that you are seeing or hearing reflected in your immediate circles, I’ve been hearing and feeling. I think that there is of course, some disappointment that happened in the last year of the last few years, and especially in the last year on how people feel in this country by the government’s in, and I think, if you would have told them during the the Previous government and probably would have been worse government that’s going to improve lives and going to be their own communities. Has the support to slide when we look at the real day-to-day bread and butter. Issues on the ground in Iran are First Nations, but also in urban areas. We don’t see significant changes to our don’t see significant Improvement in people talk about this is going to take time, but you know there was a sense of urgency during that last election that there was going to be some changes. That would be beneficial to not seen that happen in in a big way has really hindered the relationship. It is especially on how strong it was at the beginning, with some words around reconciliation and so there’s definitely a feeling of disappointment and disenchantment. Interesting I mean the government has talked so much about reconciliation, about this relationship being the most important existing between Ottawa, the federal government and Canada’s indigenous peoples. You think it was a sensor expectations being too high. And also, I think that this government and end the Prime Minister, I didn’t realize how hard it actually is to get to that point and also there’s a combination have a lot of other things, including the fact That there are many indigenous people leaders and Advocates and Grassroots people, people that have you know. I have been watching the government’s for generations and even then, look back at history see the long Litany of broken promises along along the way and so there’s lots of skepticism. But also intelligent indigenous people that are now saying that the government can no longer assume his role as to deliver programs and services, for as we have to do it on our own. So you’re cute, seeing and hearing a huge move towards that. Even among the first Nations leadership, I would say interesting because it seems unlikely that any government or any party right now would do more than what the liberal government has been doing and has promised over over these years. It seems to be such a priority for for the liberal party and yeah still far from from what you say is needed, the Indian act, so we can start looking together. What that actually looks like? Is there another order of government for First Nations? I think that that’s a huge move with evens, even it within the Region’s they’re starting to move away from Meteo that are funded by the government, is starting to look as friendly and grouping as treaty treating groups and so we’re seeing that in Manitoba and then other Areas, I know we don’t have treaties all across town and out, but we’re starting to see those formed groups. You know it’s it’s, it’s a blast from the past are coming back and it’s the movement is going towards that way and I need government that starts to realize that it starts to capture that and trying to work with that to be an ally. Then you know the overseer. I think that that’s where we’re work, we’re all heading and any government that can capture that will go a long way. So how do you think this is all going to play out? Then this fall with indigenous voters casting ballot? Well, what I’m hearing is a lot of empathy, I’m a lot of anger and a lot of disappointment and they’re saying anything, but greens are anything but conservatives or the Liberals, and so I hear a lot of people saying their voting green, even though they haven’t and Independence, even though they haven’t fully looked into what the green staff for so I think that there is an interesting perspective now I think people are are score disappointed.. This government did not actually follow through to everything that they’re saying even the inquiry report on missing and murdered: indigenous women and girls. It was complete and it was finished and some there was some good recommendations and some good find. I think that time that the fact that indigenous women and girls who brought this issue to the Forefront, weren’t included from the beginning and in the end, what happened to Jody wilson-raybould as well. A lot of people really angry, because they saw that the real attitude towards Indigenous or two girls, especially but also indigenous people in general, and an inn that was a lot of disappointment. There specific question on that 46 % of respondents said they were very angry with the liberal government for how it was handled. So that we’ll see whether memories are long on that particular issue and I’m sure not the only time, we’ll have a conversation on this as we get into the campaign in Earnest, but thanks very much for the time this morning is, as always, Sheila. I appreciate it. Thank you have a nice talking to you, Manitoba Grand Chief as we look at the polling again few more details about it. Cbc News teaming up with Public Square research and mareblu from May 31st to June 10th 4500 eligible voters across the country were surveyed about what they want. What the direction of country is headed. There are stories online at CBC, News. CA,
Two-thirds of Indigenous Canadians say Ottawa is not respecting their community and identity, according to a new CBC News poll. The same poll shows that 27 per cent of Indigenous Canadians support the Liberal Party, down from 41 per cent in the last election. Former Manitoba grand chief Sheila North says the poll reflects the disappointment she is seeing in the community.

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