Indigenous-led bicycle tours combine history with sport

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Indigenous-led bicycle tours combine history with sport
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traditional trellises trail series every Sunday throughout the summer we’re going to meet at the forks and go for a tour around Winnipeg to visit places of significance of indigenous History part of traditional Charles first educating your own people about this history in the area that we live in and educating them about cycling and Recreation but it’s also inviting non-indigenous people to see like this is what we’re trying to do revitalizer culture one of our young men have never really ridden a bike before so we were able to get a tandem bike and get him going and he’s talking about learning how to ride a bike now I get up it’s pretty awesome it’s really important for our indigenous to really understand the history and really know about the relationship between Canada and its indigenous people I think it’s important for All Peoples to really do this and really it’s incumbent upon people to to learn and then to get educated in the talk one another and I already indigenous young people are leaving the way today and enter learning we just wanted to get people together to experience the downtown region places that are important to to Winnipeg First Nations people has led in kind of a tour of the model where we offer indigenous interpretive context and it is accessible by all this model can be used anywhere in Canada primarily from Disney offering the content that they know is authentic a lot of the work that Adrian does in terms of cycling with Clearpath hits around the TRC Cold action for recreation so a lot of her people suffer from major healthy diabetes and there’s just it’s a crate to help crisis right this is something that I found in a Truth and Reconciliation calls-to-action it’s called Sport and Reconciliation and this is a great way to start us being active into the community and it’s like a really important part it’s a lot different than just like hitting the gym great so being able to kind of combined like traditional culture with something like cycling it’s really important for actually play times we reaching that cold action people can do this in their own communities where there be a major urban area or World community of First Nations you can get together and organized a weekly bike ride a monthly bike ride something to bring you Gathering enjoy your space in the in a positive way
Two cyclists are combining Indigenous history, tourism and active living on bicycle tours of places of Indigenous significance in Winnipeg.

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