Ingraham: How the GOP can win the midterms

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Ingraham: How the GOP can win the midterms
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traditionally parties in power lose seats in the midterm elections according to the latest Quinnipiac Poll for Republicans but all is not lost check this out you understand what’s at stake Independence the group that Trump won by 4 Points in 2016 Republican space a 17-point deficit as of now versus the Democrat points in 2016 they are now preferring Democratic candidates by a 14-point margin and they prefer Dam’s buy a 14-point margin is energized and they’re craving for power what is the Democratic majority in either house of Congress what are they going to do well they’ll try to reverse all of Trump’s progress progress and destroy one incredible economic recovery Industries will be decimated jobs will be lost of course the other obvious dangerous should the Democrats win a house majority will what will that be well that sounds this arrived today misses speaker to call for the impeachment of the president of the United States of America I think that you know we have the grounds to do it until her that doesn’t rhyme by the way Rose Gallery running the government controlling is signing the president at every turn but let’s remember that she will Mayer the country in Endless investigations of the Trump Administration and plunges into a daily impeachment drama there’s no doubt about it number one the Republican should be out day in and day out selling Trump economy and remind people that for his administration its promises made Promises Kept in the Republican Congress help them along the way the president promised you peace and prosperity and that’s what he delivered he promise to hold China accountable make NATO countries pay their fair share associate Masta and that’s what he’s doing Republicans promised to cut taxes and rollback onerous job-killing regulations and they did that too why do Democrats do that because they have 0 answers to Trump success they have no alternative except to go to the tangential unimportant issues the president because he he gets how to tell a story he understands the value of town in the economy as he did tonight in Florida since the election we have added 3.7 million new jobs where in the longest positive job growth streak in history has reached the lowest level in history history sorry about this but the unemployment rate has reached the lowest level in only 60 5 Years it’ll be history so great flashback sound but it really makes me smile on the economic front Obama said about Trump back in 2016 do any of you recall this when somebody says like the person you just mentioned above I’m not going to advertise for that he’s going to bring you don’t have an answer unemployment and the best job market in decades and by the way we have 75000 manufacturing jobs that did come back to the United States President Obama according to market watch today wage and benefits are rising at the fastest Pace in a decade Rose .6% the second quarter I took below the MarketWatch estimate of .7% more important the cost of worker compensation in the form of pay and benefits ended up 2.8% to Mark the biggest yearly gain since 2008 in other words workers are making out better you bet the argument for every Republican candidate goes something like this if you want to keep this economy going if you want to job market thriving senior investment accounts growing vote Republican voters on what the Democrats have become totally nuts and I want to apologize they believe people should not be able to use gender pronouns yes we go to war with Russia rather than supporting Trump’s diplomatic overtures to Russia from sea to shining sea they have a worldview or illegal immigrants are protected while our citizens become an afterthought so on the campaign Trail emphasize how the Democrats are on the margin there The Fringe they’re the radicals they threaten individual this is the party now of Regulation and speech codes it’s a party that is intolerant of any of you but their own entire country into like one big college campus every freshen is controlled by the number 3 argue that life under Democratic Congressional rule is merely going to mean the nation will be locked into two years of RA litigating it 16 election was any real hope of solving our immigration or spending or entitlements or infrastructure problems with this economy roaring now we can actually focus on those things because because of trump Victory we’re finally out of the post 911 crisis mentality in the Middle East dealing with Fallout from the housing bubble the financial crisis or essentially just allowing China to dominate us with impunity but thanks to Trump we can now as a nation have a real conversation and Adam would be nice about the role that the United States will play in a world where the limits of globalization I frankly become pretty obvious but what a debate they want to personalize demonized isolate Trump from his base the 4th way to win the midterms and avoid impeachment is a great time to be an American I can’t think of a better time frankly in my lifetime in this economy then right now are you kids out there watching these These are the good old days because of the efforts of Republicans and this White House more Americans will be able to pursue happiness life liberty and the pursuit of happiness sometimes we forget the ladder part people can realize their dreams Trump was having that fun tonight and tell him those stories I was shaking hands with policemen in New York City and the first one came up to me and said mr. president I want to thank you so much I said what did I do said my 401k is up for 4% and my wife thinks I’m For the First Time a financial genius she’s giving him all the credit she said she said darling I love you so much and he said yeah my great financial wizard connecting the electorate’s personalizing The Narrative and that’s what the president did tonight why his policies are working highlighting the results and the benefits for particular regions of the country that he lost protesters of the resistance mentality from traveling to places like California Illinois Colorado and go back to Wisconsin go to Michigan to win over independent voters in the Democrats the president and the Republicans have to take the wind out of the resistance Sails this is best done by focusing on your results and offering more solutions without the histrionics or the side issues that just be used to caricature later on and finally if the president wants to do something in Congress before the midterms hey I would push for a middle class tax cut I know they’re considering another capital gains tax got but another middle class make what you already passed and is working permanent and expand the cuts you already have in place that puts the Democrats totally on the defensive and on the spot that means they’re going to have to vote against their own economic well-being as a great idea strategy strategy there was something to president said tonight about the wall and his desire for the wall that caught my attention tremendous that will include the wall between started large portions of the wall but we’re going to need even the way we negotiate we’re going to need more we’re going to get the boar we may have to do some pretty drastic things but we going to get it I hope I drastic things he’s not referring to government shutdown it’s like the Skeleton Crew is working the government ended in it function just fine for the time being and it might actually Force Congress to fund the wall before the midterms although I’m not sure that would actually happen as a political strategy and I’m talking about winning in November prevent the impeachment of this President I think it’s really risky it’s really risky why is it risky because with Suburban with the independent voters that’s not really results matter making their lives better matter what the present on the wall hundred percent but if you’re going to take a risky gamble on shutting down the government the time to do that that was last March when the whole Omnibus spending Bill debate was going on right that’s where the president had the good Instinct that was in the morning he voted on it the good instinctive veto it now it’s too close to the election in midterm election in a sense of chaos and that’s not what those independent voters want to see they want a happy warrior president they want the economic success they want to know who the Democrats really are they want it’s Steady As She Goes so mr. president keep the focus on the economy like it did tonight and your party cannot lose remind voters that without a GOP Congress booming economy is short unravel and then when it does unravel it’s going to give way to daily impeachment Warfare on Capitol Hill I got to say this frankly you don’t deserve to win for the rest of you make these midterms just the start of something phenomenal angle
If Republicans lose power that’s when the real chaos will reign. Let’s hope the Republicans and the president can help Americans see reality, and the great gains of the last two years before it’s too late.

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