Ingraham: The elitists still don’t get it

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Ingraham: The elitists still don’t get it
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over the weekend the libertarian-leaning coke Network hosted a Rocky Mountain Retreat for donors and political leaders not to amplify and share the president’s policies what to do cry them any two year old Charles Koch has taken the reins of the network he released this video in advance of the retreat opportunities in the global Marketplace are creating and the loss of jobs at home in response we’re seeing arise in protectionism for country’s organizations in individuals are trying to protect themselves from these they’re doing whatever they can to close themselves off from the new hold on to the past and prevent change this is a natural tendency but it’s a disc didn’t want to let me tell you about destruction sir also make the argument that selling out American workers in offering up our Industries in our Marketplace of the Gods of globalism is also pretty destructive have a Coke some become billionaires by building and buying amazing companies are really smart guys from steel lumber nylon manufacturers over the last 20 years they have grown their wealth by focusing and large part on global Opera and some of that include Outsourcing jobs and relocating plants overseas today Coke has a presence in 50 countries a hundred twenty thousand people only those people are in the United States America shouldn’t be facilitating policy negotiated trade deal give me wrong the Cokes and done some great work on tax reform on stuff like deregulation and also in the area of Education last year they spent $90 on University programs and they’re committed to and their support for K through 12 education education efforts be a world where China dominates most major industries including the areas of science technology and so forth including things like artificial intelligence we can’t just look the other way while China and other countries by the way game the global trading system and rack up huge trade of course I P unfair subsidies and so forth any fair-minded person would have to agree now with what the White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow a free-trade himself said over the weekend people say wow president Trump’s tariffs are damaging this that and the other thing I say he inherited a completely broken World Trading System including a World Trade Organization but not only okay to fix it remember the coke support Hillary Champion the coke Network like the rest of the GOP Old Guard is furious with Trump’s use of tariffs to level the playing field in fact they announced last month that they’ve committed to a mole million-dollar multi-year campaign to oppose what Trump’s doing on trade deficits when the president’s efforts so far bearing fruit we saw what happened with the EU last week South Korea RT renegotiated their deal and watch what happens in the next few weeks with both Mexico and China going to be really good American workers and even Farmers some of them have been caught in the crossfire of trump Stop Trade battle with China but they’re standing by the president even if it hurts their interest in the short-term and I believe that we all have to have to Total Line the benefit of the entire country for a certain amount of time how long is too long I want that kind of deep sense of patriotism make money obviously but they’re also deeply patriotic Americans and they’re willing to take that hit I think the Colts can learn a lot from those regular America what they said that the love that tape Trump’s immigration plan by the way also displeases the Old Guard in the GOP that big Republican donor class indoor market sees the Border enforcement and the whole deal at our Southwest border very differently any articulated it today or countries have learned through hard experience security is National Security they are one and the same argument work is taking a step further there now going so far as to financially punish some politicians who are supportive of the president’s agenda they announced today that they will not be supporting gop’s North Dakota candidate Kevin Cramer who’s trying to unseat Democrat Heidi heitkamp now what’s the reason for that well the Republican candidates supported Trump on both trade and immigration at that car earlier in Colorado Charles Coke made a big deal about quote uniting people who were previously divided Trump is the one uniting people for all the talk of divisiveness 88% approval rating among Republicans according to the Wall Street Journal NBC poll Network and others talk a good game about Unity embracing change and seizing opportunities who’s actually embracing A New Path something different on behalf of The Americans let’s try the Cokes and the globalist just have their blinders on they won’t have any of it on the coke Retreat it said the following merry time and resources into attacking the Koch brothers in recent years conclude that at least in the area of trump a billionaire industrialist own are no longer the left number one enemy Republicans lack the leader for so many years that the Colts were the only game in town but now the left and there is a return too often joining their ranks did not support Donald Trump in 2016 think about that but they have certainly call their profits last 2 years and what donated to Elizabeth Warren cuz that’s going to be great for their businesses didn’t they’re going to actually give them a better deal well he’ll donors miss the opportunity to support the president and be a part of the America First Unity that people believe in and that’s the angle
What a pity if the Kochs and their well-heeled donors miss the opportunity to support the president and be a part of unity the American people believe in.

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