Ingraham: Time’s up

Ingraham: Time’s up
Ingraham: Time’s up
Loss of a magazine we had so much quality time together. He understood me like no other. The motivation to save is Outlets as both political and cultural, because if one magazine in publication influence enter Time Magazine for years and unable to translate its print appeal into the internet, age time is gone from a circulation check this out of nearly 20 million worldwide. The person of the year issue, influential issue with PR Penn State visit magazine, created a special series of covers for the issue and time Grammy winner, Taylor, Swift, two-time Golden Globe, winner Sandra, Oh and the house Speaker Nancy Pelosi are covers. Who was also chosen to Grace a cover, Trump included are curious choices like Kavanaugh accuser, Christine Ford about her guest profile story spoken while holding back tears, ship, Washington and the country through her courage. She forced the country to reckon with an issue that is too often been ignored and kept in the dark. What blase Ford was to accuse a man of sexual misconduct with zero corroboration Kavanaugh, which was then leaked to The Washington Post? Most importantly, this icon, at least according to Time, failed to derail the nomination so exactly. How is that so well ask for Taylor’s Taylor, Swift and she continues to be in entertainment, Juggernaut move. This past year was to throw well Blackburn, decided to shake her off and she one not so Swift, perhaps to think your pop music translates into any great political appeal. It’S loss of appeal in Middle America and Beyond journalism and, of course, clings to political correctness. This year, up from 45 last year, when we first started doing this in 2004, I just went back in town and there were 24, a reflection of our society. Reflection of our society, the rest of society, modern wife of John Legend, Chrissy Teigen, was also chosen as one of the hundred most influential now she’s, also known for her vicious attacks on President Trump, and she was chosen according to the profile because quote all her life. Chrissy Teigen has like to eat she’s, not shy about that or anything else really. Well, that’s nice and Innovative. I guess eating what did most Americans during last week. I think it’s possible to be really angry all the time. If there was one word, you would help, particularly women use more frequently: oh okay, Trump producer, no collusion and obstruction findings. What we’re talking about here is the difference between conduct that rises to the level of criminality and conduct. That is deeply unethical, unpatriotic and crap. That may not be Criminal is no business. Touching any part of this investigation word actions were bound. Is millions off the constant defamation that Trump was some type of sell out to Russia or Trader? Has just redacting stuffed Trump? There is absolutely no reason that there should be redactions for the report as provided to come. First, priority is getting the fully unredacted report, because counterintelligence findings may not even be covered in. That report leaves a very strong impression on the American people that this is a form of political editing that is taking place. The timing of Bill bars press conference. Is this press conference away for bar to get out ahead of any information that we might find in the report and put his spin on it? Take this report seriously into believe that the justice department is credible. You would probably think twice about putting the head of the justice department on TV to do spin, for you, garrison pool guilty of sedition to the AG is guilty of aggressive scheduling point. If this is the Freak Out happening tonight, I shouldn’t even think about. What’S going to happen tomorrow or have a great show on tap in the process, good people sure they were indictments and guilty pleas or just deep State ponds. The Mueller probe should have never been started in the first place. We told you that they would find nothing on the president and that its Origins were politically tainted and we were right and the left. It was wrong even in the Washington Post, admitting this Fox News was right and the others were wrong theory that has been largely debunked. Of course, the hardcore socialist and their media co-conspirators will cling to the Russian delusion for as long as it can police shift to new targets within Trump World. Such anti Trump Fanatics that they can’t see is finally long-since up and that the angle
Time magazine clings to liberal model of journalism.

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