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hi Adam are you Ebola rapid response online to help all immigrants or just Spanish Arabic and Chinese are you calling about an ice raid potential I’m just concerned I’m from a European country I wondered if you helped Europeans are just Spanish Arabic and Chinese we help anyone who is involved with a nice right but it’s right now imagine this is an emergency line so I can you please call if there’s a you were going to get some nice surprises you trailer motherfukers how do you say vertical rapid response hotline San Francisco weather Eustis VA immigration I own a restaurant had a few customers in here eating and they left and they were saying because of immigration or ice was on 24th and Mission just was about 20 minutes ago 24th and Mission what’s the establishment okay hi San Francisco rapid-response hotline by there I’m at 2nd and Jessie and there’s a Homeland Security Federal Protective police car sitting here I don’t see anybody else but this is a Homeland Security card oh wait hi I wanted to confirm that there was Ice activity and delicious today 24th and Mission 40th and Mission Marshall Elementary and the Foods Co in the Bayview and the foodsco here in the mission we said dispatchers to all sites no ice activity they’ve all been false alarm they’re trying not to draw attention to themselves but they’re wondering if I still show up in the neighborhood and we got the numbers from the news to call but they’re unclear as to exactly what your organization will do will they stop the rates from from App well the fact is is that when enforcement it’s happening we can’t actually stop it from happening because California is maybe sanctuaries they’ve called attention to themselves and that is unfortunate this may have not even been happening if they never they never announced and bowls at least that’s what my friends are saying it’s like they just caused it it just made it they just made ice just focus in on these places which is unfortunately it seems like it’s backfiring is crazy no no that’s not what that’s not exactly what he does slow rapid response hotline by ice on 24th and Mission he’s taking me directions I can’t see what’s there on 24th and Mission you know how old he is he was born on November 2nd 1950s 1958 hello hello you have a call from an inmate in the Yuba County Jail Jessica song good morning Catholic song how can I help you just keeping your line is busy
ICE has triggered a perpetual state of fear among undocumented immigrants in the U.S. — even among those living in so-called sanctuary cities.

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