Inside Indonesia’s disaster-hit airport – BBC News

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Inside Indonesia’s disaster-hit airport – BBC News
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Inside Indonesia’s disaster-hit airport – BBC News
It may not look like it, but this apple is still just about able to function despite bricks falling from the wolf broken glass, it’s handled metal over in the baggage hole. This is the only Apple anywhere near the disaster Zone to keep going. This is checking, but there’s no machines involved. It’S all done with Bits of Paper and Pen. People have to show their ID to show that they should have a ticket they’re the lucky one allowed to come inside. Their programs. They’Ve arrived branded in the name of the Indonesian president, each one is it’s too powerful, so just because it’s open doesn’t mean everyone can fly this family of 20 for the last 5 days. Yet hoping they’ll be allowed to fly to flu
Amid crumbling walls and debris, staff are working to keep Palu’s barely functional airport open. Military aid is trickling in following a deadly earthquake and tsunami, while families wait to be evacuated. The BBC’s Hywel Griffith report

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