Inside Iraq’s secret shelters for women – BBC News

Inside Iraq’s secret shelters for women – BBC News
I’Ve been imprisoned by my family for three years as I reach the stage of suicide. Why are your shelters underground? Why are they secret? Some of the officials called on Rozzelles there’s an eerie sense of normality here in Baghdad, but this constantly on edge people here know that violence is always around the corner. In a country that is an approved Decades of conflict, Emporia rocks women. Violence comes in many forms, Lala Milena at 8. From for how my life is going to end up, these are not just words from sellers favorite book there, a testament of how far she’s come. Now that she’s able to read and a reminder of the abuse she left behind Honeywell tr21. My mother left me in the first house from a very young age I became they made the beat me constantly and when the relatives came to visit he was sexually harassed. Me and they would sexually abused me mercilessly. I just lay there and I couldn’t say anything what was going through your mind when, when you were subjected to all of this day in and day out, and you couldn’t say anything to be honest – I didn’t think about running away at first. I wanted to kill myself, you reach a point when you can’t take being treated like a manual anymore, one of nearly a thousand survivors saved by an AR Muhammad, the president of the organization of women’s freedom in your rock at charity, which runs 10 underground women’s shelters Across the country you are a feminist who is cooking in a country where the tribals and the religious extremists are ruling that you are working in a country where at least 100 women need Sheltering everyday. You are working in a country where not less than 1000. Women are killed every year by Honor, killing or another ugly killing she’s just been contacted by a woman from the city of Musa. I’Ve been imprisoned by my family for three years and has been subject to daily to physical violence. As I reach the stage of suicide, violence comes in many forms of killing sex trafficking, forced marriages, minor marriages, severe abused, the number of women who are requesting to be sheltered started to rise so fast that we are unable to control. Why are your shelters underground? Why are they secret? It’S a very dangerous task. The family would kill before letting get to their daughters through also government restrictions. They treat in our shelters with suspicion and refuse to make them legal. Some of the officials called us brothels how dangerous they are to such a project of Sheltering. It took a lot of convincing for us to be allowed in one of these safe houses, the safety of the women. We have to be cautious and make sure we’re not being followed and we’ve changed. Cars got into a smaller one, just to be discreet and not draw too much attention to ourselves. So, where we’re going, we can’t show you the neighborhood, the street or the house, we’re hoping we can get inside and speak to some of the women. There are eight women living here now many of them are still in danger. This woman is the latest to join the shelter he came. The night before from the southern city of nausea shows us around. The safe house Alia has been with the shelters Network for years. She says the help that she got here made her look at herself differently. They didn’t make me feel different from other girls. Here we have racism in Iraq. Being a black just adds another layer to your problems as a woman, it means that people will make you feel inferior best man, speech and honour killing seven years ago. She still finding that hasn’t stopped her building a new life for herself and running the shelter. Be honest, of course, I get scared we’re all in the same boat here, but that’s why? Because they’re going through what I’ve gone through, if my family finds me they’ll kill me, and that could also happen to many of the women here. I’M always worried about police rights, don’t contact the women’s families and in many cases these are the very people they are running away from there currently 52 Woman’s secret shelters across the country. Small fraction of the was in desperate need of help for the past fifteen years. The organization women’s freedom in Iraq has helped almost a thousand fiction, despite restrictions and the lack of government-run safe houses. Sawa is no married with two young daughters and enjoy childhood. She never had. I feel, like the old saddle, has been erased. Now, there’s a new salwar. I think I’m strong and able to defend myself, I even going protest. I can’t be silenced anymore. Ask for you, nor she remains optimistic. When I see ours has an army of young daughters who can change Iraq, I’m not only hope. I am so happy the woman. I met in the shelter have fought long and hard for their safety and freedom. It’S a fight. They have to face every single day. China, honey, ABC News, Bagdad
In Iraq, where nearly half of the female population has been exposed to violence according to the UN, women activists have established a secret network of shelters for the survivors of honour killing and sex trafficking.

It’s a job that can get their safe houses attacked any day, as the government provides little protection for victims and most of the time they contact families that women are trying to escape.

Part of the 100 Women season, the BBC’s Shaimaa Khalil has gained access to one of the secret shelters, and met women who live with threats to their daily lives.

Reporter Shaimaa Khalil and producer Dina Demrdash

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