Inside the Rohingya Crisis: Capturing Their Genocide on Cellphones | NYT – Opinion

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Inside the Rohingya Crisis: Capturing Their Genocide on Cellphones | NYT – Opinion
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this is what genocide looks like 2017 Myanmar Security Forces killed thousands of rohingya including young children the raped women and girls and tortured men and boys the burnt hundreds of villages in a systematic campaign more than 700,000 rohingya escaped into Bangladesh in the fastest Refugee outflow since the Rwandan genocide in footage stored on cell phones of survivor’s evidence of genocide in Myanmar is still the emerging the memory of unspeakable Horrors locked on digital screen do you get on your disability these phones are often damaged during the perilous trip to Bangladesh but this group of refugees were paired them sometimes for money sometimes for free using a small generator basic soldering equipment and a toothbrush there working tirelessly to fix ruin the phone the time in Myanmar could one day to prosecute perpetrator refugees shooting video is it creamy whiskey pyrite shows how the systematic we prepared for these atrocity Indians 22 Army and police officials who should be criminally investigated the UN Security Council should you Need You lyrics situation Myanmar to the international criminal court and end these atrocities I’m at the holidays
The Rohingya refugees of Myanmar have enough raw footage to make a case at the International Criminal Court.

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