Inside the weird world of YouTuber burnout – BBC News

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Inside the weird world of YouTuber burnout – BBC News
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Inside the weird world of YouTuber burnout – BBC News
Guy, let’s do this: billions of us are broadcasting our lives on social media. We still don’t really know what it’s doing to our mine, but it could be a group of guinea pigs living their lives intensely online. Who could give us an idea of what hello everyone and welcome to another video Never End? My life? A lot me was sad, literally, was cry cry, YouTube phenomenon is global after English-Spanish is a biggest language, and that’s why we’re here in Mexico we’re going to meet someone who can tell us a little bit about what it’s like to grow up on YouTube she’s been In the game for here’s an already She’s, All I Do looks at the camera and she’s like happy. Jessie makes videos with her brother Pepe. Two years ago, the channel started blowing up hola, Mi, nombre, Jessica, Campuzano, Mas importante Merida, and she died suddenly different with your mom’s twin, acting as her Pepe and Jesse made this video, and I was surprised when I find out why Jesse your mom, the video, has Six million views and Counting which is good because recently the channel has been taking a hit, is a DNA.. Tiempo de YouTube is brutal popularity contest. If you stop feeding the algorithm, the algorithm fights back a year ago, Jesse got millions of used, but now, after her break, that’s dying to 10 mm, I’m a fat, but you think it’s healthy to have such an exposure. I even think that it held its helping her with my my mom’s passing, I think, is it distracts her. It doesn’t seem like the healthiest way to grieve, but this is all so new. Who knows if it’s a good way for two young people to deal with the trauma of their mom’s death and using social media as therapy is weirdly, but I mean miss you so much, but Tik Tok is where she made her real March. It’S an app that has half a billion users and 2.7 million of them are Nina’s, but earlier this year you feel, like you have a million friends. But when I read the feedback, I feel good to okay, it seems like introvert and an extrovert the same time. Comentarios, 2.7 million friends battle. No Lo tiene una Dimension, cuantas personas, tengo Como Amigos. Do you think it’s healthy know a few months ago the pressure of churning add content and not disappointing. Her fans got too much for gas and steel Nokia 1110 inside yo necesito La Aguila. This is Miss amigos, amigos amigos also. I will still know what she does is something deeply unsettling about this world and the effect of this kind of work is having on people for 11 years, and I currently live in Los Angeles, California and apparently so out. Like 900 mm videos, it’s locked! No you for the art that you were making has large, and then I moved out here to do a series with him on his YouTube channel and I’m leaving tomorrow. I’M moving to La it kind of fell. Apart, didn’t really work, feeling of letting down an audience. Probably the most crushing feeling I’ve ever experienced, he’s lost his mind after meeting Shane. Imagine trying to be with the name Bobby. Are you, okay? Bobbie? You look retarded, I don’t. I don’t think I’m handling this everyone. Can you pay for BBC? Why is YouTube so toxic? Putting your personality out for people that judge the internet is what you’re doing is you’re, creating a fake personality that people are supposed to think is you I mean, I mean, as far as understanding that it does affect your mental health, understanding that the validation that you Get from a post, the lack of that sedation can create like a hole that nothing else feels cuz it, because it’s this whole this constant search for validation online. I wonder if it’s having a more profound effect than we realized hi. My name is Olivia Reems and for the past five years I’ve been studying. I need two starters at the University of Cambridge when we spend time with other people were learning skills. Like empathy, we’re learning how to have conversations with others, you can’t develop that if you’re spending all of this time online today, problem amongst young people is social anxiety disorder which is marked by this difficulty in and being part of social situations interacting with others. Could this be changing us or changing the way behave? I definitely think so. I think that when you’re using superficial means like social media and to try to harvest the high number of like so that you can see yourself as posit positively and positive terms, then that’s when it becomes problematic. And actually this is tight to narcissism. Because the more time that people spend on social media, the more that they could become narcissistic, there is a very strong link between the two. It doesn’t contribute to a healthy sense of self esteem. That’S why we’re experiencing symptoms like anxiety and depression later on someone being piece of s***, oh yeah, send me the insults anytime. I respond to like a DM. That’S like you pee, some, whatever they’re made to be like. Oh my God, I’m your biggest fan. I’Ve been wanting to talk to you forever. I can’t believe you finally responded and send all these emojis. Don’T your attention over anything, it’s kind of I’ll, send you more than it already has. I think we already have whatever is going to happen. I think that’s, which is already happened in his mind, game, that we don’t quite understand most interesting thing about needing these people was finding out how normal they are and that it’s their interaction with the rest of us that makes their world so bizarre and so unhealthy. Really interesting to see what happened, so, if me, and everybody else, who’s doing this right now,
What’s it like to have millions of fans when you’re 10? What’s it like to have thousands of people insult or adore you? Welcome to the strange world of social media superstars.

Stephanie Hegarty meets the young people whose lives are built around likes, but are increasingly suffering from mental health problems and burn out.

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