“Instagram helped kill my daughter”- BBC News

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“Instagram helped kill my daughter”- BBC News
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“Instagram helped kill my daughter”- BBC News
I have no doubt that Instagram helped Killed My Daughter. She had so much to offer. I’M sorry, I did this because of me all this isn’t important: it’s not life and death. Will this is Molly list of three sisters at the time she seemed to be a very ordinary teenager. She was 14, she was future looking. She was enthusiastic, he handed a home Chief, she packed her bags and Was preparing to go to school the next day and then, when we woke up the next morning, she was dead. It’S very sad, and I think you realize, in an instant that your life will never be the same since the day being able to look back and just scratch the surface at some of the social media accounts, but she paying them following. Remember this one. Picture so cruel and I don’t want to say it any more accounts from people who were depressed or self-harming will suicidal and she had quite a lot of contents of black content. Significant positive groups of people who were trying to help each other out on ways to remain positive to the stop self-harming but somebody come comes in, is shocking. Another encourages cell phone, it link cell phone to suicide, and I have no doubt that Instagram helped Killed. My Daughter customers accounts that so often black and white, that sort of fatalistic, there’s no hope join. Our club you’re depressed, I’m depressed is a Lock Service come inside the Statue club. We didn’t know that anything on my could possibly exist on the platform. One instagram Ernesto that that’s the easy to find the no hitting Terry publicly-available annexing tens of thousands of children in this country. Looking at them, what are your thoughts on Voyager 6? Suicide is not hashtag. It said unimaginable, devastating tragedy. If an algorithm behind a social media platform is engineered to encourage further access in this case, it must be got more seriously than if it if it means the more I type in flowers, little flowers, I get fine. The law around suicide is very clear, aiding and abetting encouraging somebody to underlies by Suicide is illegal. Anybody who, owner of line imagery of words verbal erectin, says you should do it or you could do it like this is it least potentially complicit that makes Instagram complacent? I would say they need to look long and hard about changing the algorithms to save lives on. Do it now cannot be right that a child can freely access such graphic. Imagery social media and Industry cannot continue to. For example, we put a help button on that. If you, if the algorithm spots, you using words like suicide as hell found, three or four times will offer you the chance to get help, child can easily press a button to send. No thank you. So if I have a message for the industries take this seriously suicide is the leading cause of death in children. How bad does it need to get? She left some notes, which I think we’re lucky to have notes off to a death, because she tried to explain how she felt I’m the problem in everyone’s life. I love you all stay, I’m proud of you passionately. Anyone who knew Molly was looking forward to the way that she would grow up to the person she would become. She has so much to offer. We have to come to terms with that. The hard thing is: that’s so cool for the help of the internet and social media.
Molly Russell, 14, took her own life in 2017. When her family looked into her Instagram account they found distressing material about depression and suicide.

Molly’s father Ian says he believes Instagram is partly responsible for his daughter’s death.

In a statement, Instagram said it “does not allow content that promotes or glorifies self-harm or suicide and will remove content of this kind.”

The UK government is urging social media companies to take more responsibility for harmful online content which illustrates and promotes methods of suicide and self-harm.

Help and Advice is available: http://www.bbc.co.uk/actionline

Reporter: Angus Crawford.

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