‘Instilling terror’: Women in Zimbabwe allege rape by security forces

‘Instilling terror’: Women in Zimbabwe allege rape by security forces
Many of the women who say they were raped by uniform with men last month, but still in hiding that safe houses are being hunted by police. But despite the risks, alleged victims are coming forward to tell their stories on the 15th of January. That were five of them. They have black men Saint. We couldn’t see their faces Army that always they wouldn’t only uniforms. One of them raped me without using any protection. They came into my house on January 18th. They told me they were looking for members of the those that were hurling stones in the streets. They asked me where my boyfriend was. They wanted to rape, my thirteen-year-old daughter, but I pleaded with them to take me. Instead, they held a knife to my daughter’s throat. There were three men in uniform one police man in another in civilian clothes masked the day we met this young mother. She tested positive for HIV. Doctors have advised her not to breastfeed these women still living after brutal Crackdown on Street protests. In January, Security Forces face a growing list of alleged abuse, has claims include, murder, rape, beatings, torture and abductions in terms of the nature of the violations and the patent, it’s more like instilling Terre in the communities. So is that even now the aftermath, if you go to those communities which we are affected the moment, people see explain the violence, some Rogue elements and says it can only deal with rape charges that have been officially reported, routing old, Jose crime. This Crackdown has tarnished image of President Managua. His response was the ministry’s brutality suggest that he continues to rely heavily on the army. That puts him in power.
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