Intel Chair Schiff: Bolton Should Have Never Been National Security Advisor | The Last Word | MSNBC

Intel Chair Schiff: Bolton Should Have Never Been National Security Advisor | The Last Word | MSNBC
Intel Chair Schiff: Bolton Should Have Never Been National Security Advisor | The Last Word | MSNBC
We Begin tonight with what might be even worse news for Donald Trump in today’s very bad polls. For the president, on a day when Donald Trump’s re-election campaign is facing nothing but very bad news in a bunch of New Paltz, the Press created. What might be one of the biggest problems his re-election campaign could be facing a year from now John Bolton’s Memoirs tonight and their New York offices. Major Publishers are probably staying late, trying to calculate how many millions of dollars they can offer John Bolton now if he can deliver an inside the Trump White House book that will hit bookstores in the final months of the year potential campaign win. Such a book would have maximum sales potential. John Bolton is already the author of a couple of books, including A Memoir of his experience serving and George W Bush’s Administration. But now John Bolton is in a position to write in most explosive Trump book ever, which means it would be one of the best-selling books in publishing history. If the book hits bookstores before Donald Trump goes down to defeat on Election Day, if, as all polls indicate, is most likely, that’s the most likely version of our next presidential election according to the polls as of now, we will discuss those poles later in this. Our those poles will be part, a book publishers, calculations of how much money they can offer John Bolton they’re, making those calculations right now and those polls say. John Bolton can become one of the richest authors in history if he delivers a book before election day and that same book the day after the election might be worth much much less if Donald Trump loses the election. So you have to ask yourself if you’re one of those Donald Trump will avoid any possible public conflict with Donald Trump, like Former Defense secretary James Mattis, who has written the book, which is now being largely ignored, because it does not describe the kind of trump chaos With Bob Woodward’s book, Raj and Michael Wolf’s book described both giant bestsellers is John Bolton is the kind of person who will hold back. What he knows is publishing. Gold is John Bolton, my kind of person. Is he the kind of person who I’ll protect Donald Trump out of personal loyalty to Donald Trump? John Bolton has already publicly disagreed with Donald Trump about how he left his job as National Security adviser. There is very likely going to be a John Bolton book about Donald Trump in a tweet contradicting President Trump, the least important disagreement. The Donald Trump John Bolton have ever had. Is there five disagreement over John Bolton’s departure today from the job of White House National Security advisor President Trump says he fired him? John Bolton says I resigned at 2 minutes before 12 noon. Today, realdonaldtrump did I informed John Bolton last night that his services are no longer needed at the White House. I disagreed strongly with many of his suggestions, as did others in the administration and therefore I ask John for his resignation, which was given to me this morning. 12 minutes later John Bolton contradicting the president’s version of events with this tweet I offered to resign last night and President Trump said: let’s talk about it tomorrow, so the Bolton tweet count appears to be that he offered his resignation. Last night president decided not to talk about it until today, and then he didn’t talk about it today and as promised. Instead, present decided to accept John Bolton’s resignation, tweet and pretend that the resignation was all Donald, Trump’s idea, 6 minutes after John Bolton’s tweet, claiming that he wasn’t fired. He quit Fox News: hosts were busy Bolton Twitter battle on their phones when this happened and then, of course, we heard from the just fire John Bolton saying that no, it didn’t actually play on that way to resign last night and President Trump said: let’s talk about It tomorrow, if you’re, both just texted me he’s watching. While you were talking – and he wrote yes to Gabon and just told me – he texted me the said – I resigned answer the president’s tweet by saying we are doing this because the Trump White House is now and always has been in chaos. Chaos described vividly and Michael Wolff book fire and fury and and Bob Woodward’s book fear and very likely in what could be the most politically damaging book of all the could outsell all the rest of them. John Bolton’s Nextbook, for which Publishers who are calculating their massive offers to John Bolton tonight, are probably using a working title of something I resigned by John Bolton. There are important questions to be asked about the immediate effects of John Bolton’s departure from the White House. What does this mean for the Trump approach to North Korea? What does this mean for the Trump approach to Earth? What does this mean more generally to the National Security apparatus in the Trump Administration, and what might it mean for Congressional investigators who might want to question John Bolton now that he is a private citizen? There is no one better listen to handle those questions. Tonight then, our first guests of the chairman of the house intelligence committee, Adam Schiff, horsemanship as a Democrat, represent in California’s 28th congressional district, which includes parts of Los Angeles, Pasadena perinchief. Thank you very much for joining us., Really appreciate it great to be with you reaction to the firing and or resignation of John Bolton. Well, he never should have had the position to begin with. The Judgment really have that job you supposed to be a facilitator to help the prison get to yes to mediate the National Security officials and help them options first named as nominee. I want to. It was an astonishing choice and it was obviously not as first choice. It was his third candidate for 4th candidate since one turn it down bite on a couple of things that were disagreements with the president, as if we can believe what would Bolton has evidently been telling people that he disagreed with the presents approach to North Korea, which Has been a debacle and he disagreed with this reality – TV effort Summit with the Taliban of Camp David of those were both, I think, quite disastrous decision so by the present paying the price for it, how they agreed or disagreed on Aaron and was John Bolton. Pushing for a military strike against Iran that the president then decided against mr. Bolton. He didn’t contribute at all to the conversation, and that may been a reflection of this was on the eve of the president’s decision to pull back, hear from him that he has been very hawkish on a Ron. I think he has held very dangerous Muse, dangerous positions on a run. He was probably among others, in urging the to withdraw from the jcpoa, which I think is had really significant adverse consequences for the country. So I think he has been a single and with many other Caverns officials, even though he had off and disagreements. Apparently the president from serving as an enabler of this President, both in terms of the disastrous policy North Korea and with respect to the Taliban Summit. But also sticking to the present, even when he at least reportedly had his profound differences. What does it mean to investigations in the is now a private citizen? Does that change in anyway the possibility of obtaining testimony from him? Well, even though, in theory about to make it easier, if the, if oldest outside the administration, he would be more accessible as a witness, but the practice of the Administration has been to claim privilege over anything. Any one might say I even during the transition. What was said during these private meetings between the president and Putin did the president try to hide interpreter notes that was excluded from these meetings, for a reason was never communicated to him why the present wanted no Witnesses in these conversations. Did he ever learn to the president was continuing to pursue Trump Tower with her some other illicit Financial motivation, u.s. cell intelligence secrets to be jeopardized? You know he could certainly answer those questions, whether he be willing to whether or we could overcome the White House opposition. I guess only time will tell developments over the course of the August recess with members of the House adding their voices to the encouragement of an impeachment inquiry in the house representative. This week the Judiciary Committee will be having a basically empowers. The committee, with all of the powers of an impeachment inquiry. What is your view of of what the Judiciary Committee is doing? I know that is Chairman of intelligence, that you have your own shop to run with you. Support happening this week in the Judiciary Committee, because the procedures that the Judiciary Committee is adopting will allow it to move more expeditiously, given just how much the administration is stonewalling. Congress’S oversight, whatever practices and policies we need to adopt in our committees to expedite our investigation, we should undertake, I think, it’ll, help us to get answers more quickly about a Russian spy, a spy who was serving American interests while of Vladimir Putin’s Administration, who was extracted During the first year of the Trump presidency, that was a consideration and attempt to extract him before that during the Obama but they’re over. There are many elements of the story, including what maybe now a lack of resources for the CIA for information coming from inside the Putin regime. Well, I can’t comments on those specific allegations. I can tell you that really our mission on the Intel committee is to make sure that the intelligence committee has the resources it needs to do the difficult human intelligence work. Russia is a very hard target. There other hard targets out there and we spent a lot of time. Are we able to get the information we need? What changes do we need to make to get more information, continually questioning the intelligence in service to this country? Who do so? Sometimes yes for money, but other times, because they believe in America because they believe in democracy. They want something better for their own country. If this is correct in the president is casting doubt on the value of this, even as he is quite publicly a castigated intelligence agencies, comparing them to Nazis some of our sister intelligence agencies around the world, who won’t give us their most sensitive information if they think The prison can’t be trusted being untrustworthy, with Intelligence, on trusting other intelligence agencies, sceptical intelligence itself. Much for genius, not really appreciate it. Thanks for checking out our YouTube channel subscribe by clicking on the button below for more from the last word in the rest of MSNBC
House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff says that the newly-ousted John Bolton left several foreign policy matters, like Iran, most volatile. Schiff also discusses upcoming moves by the Judiciary Committee on impeachment.
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Intel Chair Schiff: Bolton Should Have Never Been National Security Advisor | The Last Word | MSNBC

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