Intense California wildfires creating new weather systems

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Intense California wildfires creating new weather systems
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we are tracking wildfires both in Canada and the United States were going to start in Northern California that where they have turned deadly at least six people that thousands more been forced out of their home ctv’s an GSAT has all the details from the states and this car fire engines now called consider the most destructive in California history it is Relentless basically Todd right now it’s burning more than a thousand its structures and ripped through more than 100,000 acres were talking about an area that is in fact bigger than the Sun of Denver and that far as now 20% contain that’s up from 5% on Sunday when it grew in size due to dry conditions it’s just one of eight fires currently burning in the state with 1,200 firefighters working around the clock by shifting winds I feel have created devastating at conditions there’s less rain let’s let’s melt snow melt from the Sierras and you know everything is tender dry or sleep will be homeless their homes reduced to charge Timber and Ash and interesting enough just across the street residence houses are completely intact this is the way this fire has been moving down the house here had the roof ripped off and then my house is here and it’s covered in trees economic bomb went off after the fact we friends but it was a firestorm when we left cases of fire spreading so quickly residents are being asked to evacuate Todd with less than an hour’s notice the biggest fire here is so intense in California this is really disturbing Sex You creating its own weather system Angie that intense I’ma tell you about that now Todd as I mentioned before this is the car fire that were talking about and it’s forming because it is so hot it is so large it is forming what’s being called a pyrocumulus cloud formation these like mushroom clouds and the way these things are formed as I’m able to get steamy scene from miles and who is usually formed when the sun heats the ground and then sends warm air up while things are very dry things are very hot I basically they produce lightning and powerful winds in different directions of course further complicating firefighters efforts you know where the fire is and you know caring pickaxes and shovels and and tracking hoses and when you see them forties firefighters wildfires of course or a common occurrence in California due to the long and hot summers but experts say that this has been the worst starts to the fire season in 10 years some firefighter say they’re becoming Warren down and unable to do their job this intensity of California’s Fire season continues to grow get longer as you will ton of course we’re going to get you to follow the developments here and bring you the latest text Angie for that
Angie Seth has the latest on the California wildfires, including the large Carr blaze which continues to grow because of shifting winds.

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