Internetting After Dark: Season 2 is Over. Our Theme Song Lives Forever. | Internetting Season 2

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Internetting After Dark: Season 2 is Over. Our Theme Song Lives Forever. | Internetting Season 2
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Internetting After Dark: Season 2 is Over. Our Theme Song Lives Forever. | Internetting Season 2
Hello and welcome to interneting after dark, if you don’t know by now, I’m Amanda and we’re to give you a closer look inside the making of our season finale. So she videos about babies and how it’s like pretty horrifying, how some parents take videos of them and put them here from all things fascinating. I really can’t put my finger on what’s wrong about them, but after watching too many of them, I just feel depressed. You know that subject super joyful. I say that if you watch too many of them, you feel depressed in the same way that if you eat too much birthday cake inspired by animal videos, rank of Wonder event wonder. Did it rain over? I didn’t have a cucumber report comments as a relative consequence of his mainstream drag, especially since so many straight people, consumers contact seems that Como is lacking. For those of you are familiar with. It said he probably wouldn’t allow it hundred when an arduous. She would have a tweet that down I’m at idea shortly there, after he put out of Tweed, essentially apologizing for his previous Tweed in previous of this video. We had included this particular topic by the time we get to The Final Cut it fell like it was too far afield from our Monaro argument, so we had considered it. Unfortunately, we just didn’t really have time to address that particular controversy in this video. I put some links to a few articles on this very topic and, if you’re looking for a great Short History of how being trans and being a drag queen have interacted with each other. I would point you towards my friend Charlene incarnates as a Amitabh back and please keep talking about it. You must not forget the internet cause Global. You can’t mention drag without bringing up Thailand and Brazil excellent Point. Talk about a blind spot. Rateable drag queens around the world, cameo an incredible service that allows you to pay low level celebrities to send you messages elicited a personal video from or what I thought was it. Personal video was Dina Lohan, Lindsey’s Mum. I just want to give you a shout out from the Law & Family opening, Amanda jelly and my son Dakota and great things are in a comfortable children. I hope you and your family well wishing love laughter and great help. If you don’t even say my name or anything that I had suggested, she put in, the video wonder: has she says cameo to more than one person? If you have gotten From Below hand, please let us know I would love to and why I hate them and at the end of the video we asked you to tell us what you hate that everybody else seems to love festival. He should be called. The sex reveal parties text reveal party, even though, as in like says, keep or getting excited about nothing there is. There is something I think nice about the nothing and then it’s not like either everything’s, ok or it’s bad call. Ben mechanism for a like too much day., acted with the comments section on YouTube. So, thank you guys so much for leaving interacting with us talking to us and mostly for Barclays, watching a video and responding to it, which I was super impressed by one thing we heard over and over again with how much you are loved the theme song, which Was written and recorded by Shane O’Neill, so we are giving you a special gift which is access to the theme song on SoundCloud. You can find it in the comments, so we wanted to buy award to the greatest common til. The person who was there with us, video after video and that work goes to open, fascinating machine. What’S the best thing is down the end of this week? Well, Amanda. I went to an event video footage of trapping picked up in residential Neighborhood with rash at all. Being played underneath it inspiring gorgeous satisfying and super confusing this week on, Instagram like there is some round seal around rabbits around dogs. Thank you all so much for watching. We really appreciate it. That is the end of internetting season. 2 Aphrodite
Season 2 of “Internetting” has come to an end. On the final leg of our dystopian internet tour, babies failed, celebs were subdued, drag queens were commodified and girlfriends were terrorized via marriage proposal. And yet, we still have more questions than answers.

Why are some expecting couples obsessed with gender reveals? Which refrigerated goods can be used to prank a cat? And is momager Dina Lohan scamming me on Cameo?

Join me, “Internetting” editor Shane O’Neill, and our chief feline correspondent, Wanda, as we field your questions and comments for one last round of “Internetting After Dark.”

All that’s left to do now is to watch all 10 episodes over and over and over again. Then tell us what you’d like to see in a future “Internetting” in the comments or by email at

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