Internetting After Dark: Wanda’s Back. Plus, We Call Goop | Internetting Season 2

hello and welcome to internetting after dark if you don’t know by now I’m Amanda give you a closer look inside the making of internetting with Amanda hat Sweet Melissa video about The Darkside of the male fitness internet starring as is legendary bodybuilder may he rest in peace and I heard from a lot of visits fans this is what they had to say you Myron yeah you Myron you Myra so Amanda I just want to say to all of you that I am Myron talking about steroids said that’s a great point and it’s something that we thought a little bit about what we were making the video we wanted to be really careful not to draw an association between someone and something that has not been confirmed by the guy himself or by a doctor or the corner I think maybe we were a little bit too careful and we could have figured out a way to mention that this is a phenomenon in this space without specifically saying that anyone in particular and use steroids so that’s a great point and thanks for bringing it up my favorite comment on this video came from John Paul Silvestre beautiful in our last batch we had a video about online mysticism we got a lot of comments on this video and a lot of them or just people shouting out their astrological signs that Gemini cancer cusp is Joshua chance who also said who do the dark side of this the become a living God website those guys are absurd Godlike powers of divination evocation Soul travel and energy work but I’m not special you can do it to thank you Reese Road I find the people who complain about astrology only have the most superficial knowledge of it and wouldn’t know the difference between the dial releasing technique and an annual profection YouTube investigation to try to find out what they are I kind of feel like it’s a little bit like Scientology though we’re leg the more you know about it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a better perspective on what the real thing these legs are on fire we have news about Jada eggs so group has to pay $145,000 thanks to a consumer protection lawsuit in California that found that the claims that they were making about their vagina eggs were not based in fact group said that its vaginal eggs would increased vaginal muscle tone hormonal balance and feminine she in general in fact they do not do those things so if you bought an egg from goof you can get a refund by calling 1844 WTF goop prepared for that unboxing, from and in San Francisco my seven-year-old love unboxing videos and the doll makeover all of their hair and make them do sex with each other you saying that the first one of those things has created its own genre I’m happy with the second one just staying in the playroom that brings us to my favorite comment I think that has been made about any of the internetting videos ever terrible Spanish skills on Twitter Road of striptease which translates to the striptease of things why does it hurt Twilight years I’m sad to say but she does she does like boxes should we get to work from here thanks Rhonda I love you what is the best things on the internet this week on the Internet is all of the YouTube videos that Shane sends me in the course of making interneting we’ve created a little Montage of them for you so please enjoy actually have a broom broom anyway thank you for watching that’s it for this episode please tune in next week when we are going to have a whole episode about you too babies and as ever if you have a comment or a question or want to say anything else related to internet then just leave a comment right here
You online engage with us, we online engage with you. Welcome to “Internetting After Dark,” the show about the show. New videos return next Wednesday.

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