Internetting After Dark: We Answer Your Questions. Plus, Shane’s Cat. | Internetting Season 2

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Internetting After Dark: We Answer Your Questions. Plus, Shane’s Cat. | Internetting Season 2
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hello and welcome to interneting after dark if you don’t know already I’m Amanda and we are here to give you a closer look inside the making of internetting with Amanda second season of internet and we had a big party in New York to celebrate anonymous question boxes so that people could ask him questions so when raccoon Revolution start date as specific as possible please so we’ve made a video that’s about cats versus dogs on the internet and then fighting for dominance over our feeds and one of the comments we got for like asking what all of these other animals represent in that ecosystem hurt a lot a lot about raccoons but doesn’t make sense because they are right on the border between like wild animal and domesticated animal because they hang out outside of our house is all the time and they like eat are discarded foods and so the ID feel like bringing them just to step closer like inside or houses I think is really fascinating for how we all exist on the internet right now the idea of someone who’s like bleach only consuming trash is like a really good survival mechanism after food sources the face I have a cat named Wanda Wanda is also picture directly behind us and I think that that’s her prerogative and frankly after all she’s giving me I don’t think we can are this without getting a comment from Wanda Wanda I have a question if you’re really hungry would you eat chains face I feel like as long as I keep giving her she won’t release to other videos of one is about hands and the other is about fembots online you can spend on YouTube the mail robot is evil threat narrative is just as prolific as a fembot and the sculpture narrative to avoid that is disingenuous here’s some evil mailbox since I can back up my teacup the top of my head that’s actually a great point and I think it’s really interesting to actually contrast how we construct feminine robots and how we construct masculine robots so if we’re making like techno women to be hyper feminine we also seem to be making like techno men to be hyper masculine and specifically to be killing machines which I think probably also says something interesting about how we do that sometimes too real men particularly during war but if you’re interested in more about how the internet is affecting masculinity we actually have a video about that coming out real soon not cover Westworld strong female robot AI characters I particularly enjoyed the series because I confronted the harsh reality of the kinds of purposes the male gaze will have for robots in the future sexual object and violent aggression toys the female robot characters to are non gender robot normative agency of the video where we did end with this Montage of female robots rising up and like destroying their mail creators in pop culture somebody’s having there it is there either destroyed for Texas ID from their sexual danger or they destroy to protect themselves hey Siri what will we do best thing you seen on the internet this week Terrace House is currently airing on Netflix Japanese reality show like crack this one is about mysticism on the internet please after Dark
You online engage with us, we online engage with you. Welcome to “Internetting After Dark,” the show about the show. New videos return next Tuesday.

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