Investor nervousness over trade policies, economy

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Investor nervousness over trade policies, economy
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Investor nervousness over trade policies, economy
Global presence and cheapest just a digest, never going to the market, I mean think about 6-9 months ago. It was no growth, low inflation forever and now we’re going into kind of Elon Musk rocket boat in terms of economic growth and expectation for better productivity. So I think it’s a trade-off that we’re seeing in the markets for digestion us. I think that was we look at real robotics automation, artificial intelligence. This is really the future trade. This is the Fang trade. This is for technology, so we think they’re the opportunities really ripe and we look at the signs for what’s happening and turns it AI. In robotics there is not a sector or a company that can’t benefit by improvements that these technology provider so fragile. And yes, I would say it would be encouraging to get some good report card son likes of Microsoft. Tesla will be one as well in these early-season Ray. You know this. We see outside outside losses. So, let’s see how it is later on today, or talking really Bill about a different way to invest in terms of robotics really again kind of where the future growth there’s a method to everyone now looks back at the internet kind of wishes. Why didn’t I see that the internet was amazing because it was disruptive and how it how we socialize, how we consume media brought about search and e-commerce amazing destructive, but that’s it what’s so exciting about robotics AI. Is it in the process of being rolled out and touching every industry, every Market, every economy, and so this is early days and again. This is where we see the future. Tell us about Global Investors, trade and invest through rough 05 years ago, to sort of believe we are on the cusp of ubiquitous automated and at the time 5 years ago there wasn’t a mechanism to invest in robotics AI, so we create index as we license at Out there are ETFs and other respond to the attacks in the US. There is a ETF where is robots across the entire value chain of Technologies and applications take. This is off a pretty tremendous 2016-17. The index and 16 was up, 19 % and 17 was up 45 % your day down about 10 %. So clearly around trade policies, the economy, that’s so you don’t some people to make a move, so seems to raise rates every time we do something great. The commander-in-chief even going as far as to say that he may regret nominating Powell to position in the first place before it gets. You Jason your reactions that feel way to go with interest rates in which is Chloe go out. We’Ve had it sustainably low level. I do think you’d watch it in DC, no matter what happens in the house and the Senate. I think one of the pressures that will be out there will be the deficit it is Republicans have given up that mantle, a physical discipline, I’m in favor of the tax cuts. I do want to make them more permanent, but you’re going to have to curb spending and that’s something Republicans win that all the controls and let all the lovers of control have not been willing to do. The president said that, because the government is doing so well, it can pass along the savings to the middle class here at the Oracle openworld 2018 conference in San Fran. I think positive and helpful. So to be very blunt, I think the tax cut your help. That said, I think getting that money back in the hands of particular small and medium business. Who’S benefited don’t pay 15 %, Japanese multinational companies, I’m not sure 15 % as a creative to the US government. Now that said, when you get the small and medium business, this is a pure pure benefit, bunnies that are soaring right now. Those domestic face companies doing much better than some of those large global companies that are dealing with terrorist with trade issues and and perhaps they are losing their deduction, but they had all these, so you need to text help plan. Well, I think again, this is kind of adjustment for saying it’s hard for me to offer a lot of insight into the tax policy, but clearly there’s some big companies have benefited because of taxes way. I think we’re sitting Equalization. I mean, I think, some of the things that are happening or positive in the journal writes about it this morning, foreign buyers holding their lowest state, we get in 15 years 15 trillion dollar market Maria and it looks like foreign buyers, maybe increase their buying of us Treasuries by 78 billion in the first 8 months of this year, so they’re holding Us treasuries in terms of China holding so much us paper. Well, I think it’s a risk, but I think it’ll China is pretended. It was going on. The US Army jacket, with the u.s. having and just what the economy and stock market look what’s happening with the market in in in China, so I think that they need to play their cards pretty careful. I will leave it there so great to see you thanks. So much
ROBO Global CIO Bill Studebaker on the state of the markets and the investment opportunities in robotics and AI.

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