Investors concern after some companies lowered their guidance

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Investors concern after some companies lowered their guidance
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Investors concern after some companies lowered their guidance
Just over two-thirds of the companies in the S & P 500 have reported their latest quarterly results with earnings coming in well above expectations, but investors concerned after some companies lowered their guidance for the current quarter. That’S the first quarter. Companies reporting today we have a bunch of Under Armor molten cores before the bell and Activision Blizzard this afternoon. We’Ve also got TripAdvisor Groupon a lot of consumer names coming out. Welcome good to see you let’s talk about. I know you don’t want to talk about individual companies. That’S just fine, but let’s talk about what we expect out of these some of these consumer names. When we hear about the strength of the US consumer strong, I think the issue, though, what you’re going to see in a Retailer’s just have a tough you’re competing on multiple fronts, and you know what you may actually make sales numbers. But you end up really disappointed on the earning side because of profit, I’m so you know it’s nice to see sales growing and that’s something that we saw in December. But you know if you have to give away those sales, that’s not a good thing and that’s what we find out in earnings season he’s beating on the top line 61 on the bottom line that isn’t 61 % beating on Revenue. So Revenue has been the hard thing for companies that do business in China, earnings up 17 % over year. Beating expectations with the game is really first-quarter right. What are you expecting there and and where eyes are riveted focused on that the kind of forward guidance that we need to hear one? I would say it’s not unusual for companies to come out this time of year and sort of set the bar low, so they have a Chiva below expectations, so your company’s guy and down or mentioning you, no concerns about the economy or about trade tensions or whatever It is, I think, totally normal and that’s what CEOs you are kind of paid to do. Is you want to set the the bartucci vable levels? The good news is if we go in the first quarter, earnings season, so this would be coming up in March and April vacations are for flat ironing. So that’s a very achievable Target for company digests news about possible deals coming in Washington and questions about the deal with Beijing bounce back in January. That bounced back was very strong, a recovering basically about 90 % of the December sellouts. That’S a real good Market sign and the fact that the digestion process has been sideways movement rather than a retracement is a really good sign. My view is that it’s more likely that we retest the October highs been going back and retesting the December Lowe’s
Riverfront Investment Group’s Doug Sandler says he is optimistic over the strength of the U.S. consumer as retailers compete on multiple fronts.

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