Iowa teen lands in ICU after attempting the ‘Kiki Challenge’ – Daily Mail

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Iowa teen lands in ICU after attempting the ‘Kiki Challenge’ – Daily Mail
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King was a little hard worker you don’t need to hold my hand for us to get to this point where you see her today has been a long road it’s hard on all of us pictured she’d end up simply because of what happened one night she was driving around town with friends and we were over by the roundabout and I thought it would be a fun idea to do the kinky Challenge and it’s been dancing since little so she wanted to try out the newest dance bad going viral online The Challenge to jump out of a moving car do a dance to this song and hot back in that car while it Go In Motion the last thing I remember was opening my car door and so apparently I got out and I tripped and fell and hit my head still unconscious Anna was rushed to the hospital where she was airlifted to Iowa City five minutes to give her a kiss and not know what was going to happen I will always remember and bleeding in her brain while I’m actually in the University of Iowa Hospitals because I try to do something little challenge that everybody’s doing now and I’m the one that got majorly hurt girl who was graceful on her feet is now relearning to walk she also has a lesson to teach be more careful about challenges or the fact that you see that are going around it may seem it may seem like it’s easy but at the same time they could be so dangerous please talk to your children let him know how dangerous this is but the road to recovery is far from over reporting in Iowa City Elizabeth Juarez WQAD News 8
Anna Worden, 18, was driving with friends in a car last Monday in the town of Bettendorf when she decided to try the latest online dance fad. ‘We were over by the round-about, and I thought it would be a fun idea to do the Kiki Challenge,’ she said. ‘I tried, and the last thing I remember was opening the door,’ she said. The impact of the fall resulted in a skull fracture, blood clots in her ear, and bleeding in the brain. She is seen left in intensive care at a hospital in Iowa City.

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