iPhone hacker puts headphone jack back – BBC News

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iPhone hacker puts headphone jack back – BBC News
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right here is where I want to put the headphone jack Scottie Allen is an engineer and filmmaker who post videos modifying small funds he lives in hsinchu in China was inspired by the city’s busy Electronics markets to have a gullet mounting his own devices millions of people have watched him out of working headphone jack to the iPhone 7 after I removed it and his latest experiment is adding wireless charger to an old phone obviously you shouldn’t attempt this unless you know what you doing you could wreck your phone and they’re all safety risks I sat down for a video call with Scotty to talk about will phone Motors in Shin gen call DIY what inspired the headphone jack project was one this frustration with not having the headphone jack anymore I have some nice in-ear headphones that I still really love and carrying around an adapter didn’t strike me as very much fun and I really wanted if it was possible what was the process of putting a headphone jack back into the iPhone lock the process was way more involved and way more frustrating than I possibly could have imagined when I started taking Autopart and looking at what was in that space where the headphone jack was I thought what I was going to say is there is no space see he received this is the thing that they put in that space where the headphone jack would be except it when I did that it was sort of a relatively useless piece of plastic and it made me realize wait a minute I think they’re actually is enough space to put a headphone jack here in the end I couldn’t find a reason why I wasn’t possible I’m so I ended up succeeding and then I got a Chinese fan said I built a wireless charging add-on for the iPhone do you want to come see it that really was our kind of collective process of the bugging that and making it possible for other people to do that when you modify your phones what’s the worst thing that’s happened thing that happens and this happens semi-regularly unfortunately is I break a logic board which is sort of a heart of the phone it’s like I’m the motherboard in a computer because of that it makes up the bulk of the price of the phone I think it’s probably less than 10000 still but I don’t I wouldn’t really want to calculate it close enough to figure out what is there anything left what do you want in the next you know there are a lot of things that viewers and fans have suggested can you add more storage can you add more memory can you add an SD card I’m very careful to choose which projects I tackle which ones are possible and not everything is equally possible so when I get a Latios can you add a touch ID button to an iPhone x and that sounds pretty close to impossibly hard why do you think people trying old phones cost-saving measure because it’s a great way to learn about some of the cutting-edge devices I really enjoyed through telling the stories of being an engineer trying to figure this stuff out is is not to have that life and working perfect phone at the end it’s it’s the journey
Millions of people have watched video-maker Scotty Allen add a working headphone jack to his iPhone, after Apple removed the port from its phones in 2016. The BBC’s Chris Fox asked him how he became interested in smartphone DIY.
Check out Scotty’s channel here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCO8DQrSp5yEP937qNqTooOw

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