Iran captures British oil tanker in the Persian Gulf

Iran captures British oil tanker in the Persian Gulf
Iran captures British oil tanker in the Persian Gulf
The ongoing showdown between Iran and the West took another sharp turn towards the worst. Today, a British tanker was seized by the Islamic Republic’s revolutionary guard in the Strait of Hormuz, and just this evening we are hearing from the British operator of the now. They are saying that the tanker was in full compliance of navigation and international regulations, but it says it is no longer able to contact the vessel, which means the ship is no longer under their control or that of the crew. We also more about the crew. The 23 people working on board are from India, Russia, Latvia and the Philippines. Chris O’Neill Yates has more from London TV that it is seized the British vessel. It says, because it was not observing International rules. Owners of the tanker Stan in Peril issued a statement confirming that the vessel was approached by what it called and identified small craft at a helicopter while in international water. There are twenty-three crew members on board according to the company and no reported injuries. But the company says it has not been able to contact. The vessel sends approximately 4 p.m. British standard time. The stand and power was found, the United Arab Emirates to Saudi Arabia, but the company is tracking The Vessel. Now it says it’s heading north towards are on Northern Marine management. Is a Swedish company with their Global headquarters in Glasgow. Alpha said it is urgently seeking further information and assessing the situation. There is a meeting of Cobra the UK emergency committee at Whitehall to discuss the incident. Donald Trump spoke to reporters a short while ago and said he’d be into Twitter British, about the events of today we’re going to the UK, and this only goes to show what I’m saying about Iran truffle nothing but trouble. Just last week, they arranged revolutionary guard tried to seize another British oil tanker. That one was leaving the Persian Gulf heading into the Strait of Hormuz area when it was approached by gunboats a royal Navy frigate to be retaliation for the Detention of an Arabian tanker in Gibraltar weeks earlier. It was accused of violating sanctions by shipping oil to Syria. Just yesterday the US said it destroyed an deranian drone in the Strait of the Arabians vehement Lee. All of these incidents traced back to Donald Trump pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal last year and imposing sanctions on Iran. The sanctions have hobbled the country’s economy, they’re playing a very dangerous game. According to many watching the situation and their aggression is making the golf a very, very volatile Place. Chris O’Neill Yates CBC News, London story. We have reached I’m so sorry he is the founding director of the center for Global policy he’s also the non-resident scholar at the Arabia foundation and we reach them today in Washington, so welcome to the show, is escalation in tensions between Aaron and basically, everyone else. The seizing of these two vessels, and now the British operator of one of the vessel says they can’t get in touch with the people on board. They lost control. What do you think when you hear these details? I think it’s just posturing on the part of the uranians I mean did this has been going on for a while now, and this is not the only activity and you will recall that the Arabian shot down in American drone and then they were claimed by the Trumpet tration at the reins deny that they, there drone, was shot down. There’S a lot of Rocket activity coming out of Yemen into Saudi Arabia, again sponsored by the Iranians. This is Aron trying to maximize its leverage in the bargaining they are calculated or, of course, there’s always a possibility of miscalculation. But I think that both sides are are posturing and trying to get to the negotiating table talking with the nuclear deal and potentially lifting sanctions against the hair on the how far they’re willing to to hedge their bets on this sort of aggressive movement. The Americans want to negotiate. This is been made amply clear by President Trump secretary Pompeo and National Security advisor John Bolton on multiple occasions, so I can be raining Czar saying: look, they don’t want war and therefore can drag our feet off for a little bit more because at the end of The day, I think that the Iranians, when they come to the table, they don’t want to look like they’ve caved in, and so this is all being done in order to we do away with that perception to Biryani and then folded their cards are the British really Unknown factor in this whole story, I mean it’s their vessel that was taken earlier in the day Windows. Wash-A-Rama recall that several years ago the ranian military seized in a ranian a British vessel and kept a lot of soldiers or sailors as hostages for a few days and then put them on camera, and then let them go so this is, you know, a a a Song-And-Dance sequence that we seen from there on in the past. In this case it would not be a stretch to say finally use the Brits as a pawn in their dealings with the Americans escalation on their part. Then it necessarily against the Americans to have to respond. The Americans have been measured in their response so as not to get the situation out of hand and actually lead all of this. These provocation negotiating table. I think that it will see another round of sanctions. That’S what that’s kind of what I think President Trump is hinting at when he says that you know he’ll make it more. Tough for the Iranians is have the sanction card and the Iranians have these provocations in the Persian Gulf as its card and at some point they’re going to say, Hey, you know we reached the point where either we further provocations lead to conflict with siteone avoid and The only way out is to say, okay, we’re going to start talks and then we’re going to move away from the back channels, hopefully into a more formal official level. Conversation total conversations take place, or will someone have to push back against the run before they get back to the negotiating table? The other side feels that they need to respond. That does increase the risk of miscalculation, but I think that both sides are very clear. You know they there’s no interest in in in a conflict and I’m pretty sure they that one point state where neither side sees any further interest or decreasing marginal utility from provocations, and I think that’s at the that’s when we’ll see a move towards. You know a formal okay I’ll be there for tonight, but thank you so much for your time this evening in Washington.
Iran’s Revolutionary Guard said it captured British oil tanker Stena Impero in the Persian Gulf on Friday after Britain seized an Iranian vessel earlier this month.
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