Iran says British tanker must undergo “legal process”

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Iran says British tanker must undergo “legal process”
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Iran says British tanker must undergo “legal process”
Iran says British tanker must undergo “legal process”
Britain is warning around of what’s described as serious consequences if the country does not release a British flag tanker that it sees in the Persian Gulf Friday. Iran claims of the tanker collided with a roni and fishing boat in the Strait of Hormuz sister said. The tanker must go through a legal process for violating Maritime regulations before it’s released back into British custody. David Martin is in Kabul, Afghanistan, with a top US military commander for the Middle East, to discuss the latest. We were traveling with General Frank McKenzie in Afghanistan when those two British tankers were seized. He told CBS News exactly what happened. The first ship was flying a British flag as it passed through the Strait of Hormuz at the mouth of the Persian Gulf. She was far too poem subsequently boarded taken under a raining custody and is now deep. Anarania territorial Waters Play You by search for British person’s found, none and then eventually allowed her to continue her Voyage 3 hours later at American flag cargo ship, the Chicago went through the straight with what Mackenzie called iron overhead. Reading F18 jet fighters flying air cover. Uranians left it alone. Us now has destroyers station to either end of the Strait have letters to intervene. If they another ship hijacking, they would only do so in the case of the u.s. flag attack President Trump, the US military is determined not to overreact. David Martin’s. In Kabul, Afghanistan and author of losing an enemy Obama, Iran and the Triumph of diplomacy, the treated as of Saturday Morning, Britain, Germany and France had all issued. Warnings are on requesting the release of the British tanker which of these requests will. The first response is that the Iranians took the shift as a result of the British taking when Iranian ship two weeks ago, the Iranians one that they would retaliate if that ship wasn’t released, the Brits said that go through a legal process and not surprisingly, now the Iranians are saying that the release of the British ship will have to go through a legal process. All of this is completely unnecessary. It is a fabricated crisis that is only coming up as a result of the Trump Administration walking out of the new deal and adopting a policy of maximum pressure that inevitably would lead to these type of confrontations. Many of us who warned against leaving the nuclear deal specifically pointed out that put lead to a situation in which the two countries would be on the brink of War. Again, as we are now, you mentioned the Iran nuclear deal when they were discussing Iran nuclear deal, they were number of European countries which were against President Trump pulling out of the agreement, despite their differences nuclear program United in confronting Iran in the Strait of Hormuz. I don’t think they are right now. I think, there’s a lot of Divisions. I think there’s a lot of frustration in Europe that the Brits agree to go song with the request of the Trump administration of seizing the Iranian ship, which is what has led to this situation right now. At the same time, he used to live there, two years strong, so publicly they will be standing by burning in all of this. But more importantly, I think they will be working behind the scenes to try to Defuse The Situation and make sure that the Europe doesn’t become collateral damage in this effort by John Bolton and Mike Pompeo to drive this doors. Another confrontation, first time since 2003 and they’re saying this is an effort to provide an additional to turn in the region. Do you expect a run to continue with this behavior and what are the chances of war in this region? What the US is doing? None of this would have happened if the Trump Administration hadn’t walked out of the deal walking out of the deal these type of things we’re not happening. So, if we don’t want this to happen, the past is actually very simple. United States needs to go back to the nuclear deal at 5 by un Security Council and stop harassing countries that are trying to adhere to this agreement by, for instance, living up to their obligations and trading with you as long as the United States. I talked it when I didn’t Washington call The Diplomatic none of this would be happening, so the past to resolving is actually quite straightforward and simple, but it requires a change in Washington first and foremost. Earlier this week, the president Indian drone running officials denied it who’s telling the truth.. This is most likely just a direct response to what the Brits have said about. The Iranian Factor also have a scenario in which John Bolton is the National Security adviser and he lied to get the United States to go to war with Iran 20 years ago, and we seen the tremendous disaster. That’S what’s making this so difficult to be able to make it actually is taking place and every single one of these incidents. What is absolutely none of this would have been happening if the United States had chosen to just remain in the nuclear deal, and I buy by the UN Security Council resolution in which it isn’t trying defense agreement in order to protect it. That mean this is a slippery slope, Not Just Two Words of War, but you were completely disaster table right now to ease ease tensions. Where do you see the situation going? Well, I think it would happen with the ship’s is that the Europeans are going to find out locate the fuse. However, that does not change the broader situation as long as the Trump Administration is pursuing a policy that it itself cause economic Warfare, the rest of the world will end up being on the brink of military Warfare. It’S just simply impossible to avoid that trita Parsi. Thank you very much for joining us from where you came from rich women will hear from some people we’re all too familiar with this message. You’Re streaming, cbs.n
Iran said a detained British tanker must go through the proper legal process for violating maritime regulations. Trita Parsi, author of “Losing an Enemy: Obama, Iran, and the Triumph of Diplomacy,” joined CBSN to discuss.

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