Iran seizes oil tankers in the Persian Gulf | Power & Politics

Iran seizes oil tankers in the Persian Gulf | Power & Politics
Iran seizes oil tankers in the Persian Gulf | Power & Politics
We hope for their sake, they don’t do anything foolish. They do, they will pay a price like nobody’s at the padded price. High tensions between Iran and the US and its allies have reached a boiling point in the last 24 hours. First President Donald Trump announced that the u.s. destroyed and Iranian drone, then he warned or and not to retaliate or else and now Iran has it’s a British ship in the Strait of Hormuz. There are 23 Personnel onboard, and there are reports. A second ship with British ties has been captured as well. Britain’S foreign secretary is calling the seizures unacceptable, he’s convening an emergency security, mean address the situation and in Washington US President Trump just not long ago. Had this to say, we have a lot of shifts their warships and we’ll talk to the UK and ran is in big trouble right now. There is crashing it’s coming to a crash there, trying to bring soldiers back home because they can’t pay him a lot of bad things are happening to them and it’s very easy to straighten out – or it’s very easy for us to make it a lot worse. So, just how are these developments? Can the temperature be turned at the center for international governance, innovation in Waterloo Romani nice to see you again thanks for your time, nice to see you. Thank you from your perspective. How serious an escalation is this as we speak in New York with zarif, which has the foreign minister be around and around Paul, who has been sort of kind of tops by the Trump Administration to have some sort of back negotiation, so hopefully Silver Linings? Of course, you know with 20 % of oil going through the Strait of Hormuz. It’S not nothing, and this is the kind of fear that many of us who’ve been watching this disorder Tit for Tat situation between Iran and the US in the west generally, if you’re full of things kind of going wrong. So that’s the dark side of this, but we don’t know how this is going to play in the next few days operates. It really tries to not go for the Juggernaut directly. It really tries to go around it, but of course you know it, so it wouldn’t want to go after an American ship. That would really, I said, cross the line, don’t want to test a Donald Trump who’s, very sort of unorthodox, but also we have to keep in mind here that the Brits off the coast of Gibraltar, I had seized a Iranian ship that was destined to Syria. This is not the first time, but the ratings of hardships that Gibraltar through to Syria, but it was clearly seen in the context of u.s. Arabian escalation. In fact, the Iranians a charge that this was really done at of the u.s. is bidding. So I think this is again that tit-for-tat and it’s a way to search put pressure on the west and the European countries to come up with a solution to what they see is a very difficult economic situation. After the canceling of the jcpoa or the Iran deal a year ago today, when you say ons to the Downing of the of the Drone, for example, I think so, and I think more so, for the vessel that was seized by the by the British authorities off The coast of Gibraltar, UK’s response, we know, for example, Minister talk about convening an emergency meeting. Does he have room to operate alone here? Are they going to need? The support of the u.s. is well targeting. The Brits is also part of their calculation they’re, very smart and very strategic about what they do. They wouldn’t want again, like I said you know, Target in American American flags that was used in the past to try and have safe passage for a lot of international ships. There are no British citizens on these ships. In fact, even though they were vessels are owned by the Brits and so they’re very careful about these things, they started on very well way to provoke the US and the West into negotiations, which is what they want, but not crossing any sort of redline’s. Here the deal was the US withdrew from the deal sells to the US rhetoric about a ransom. From your perspective, what the calculation is for allies cpoa other the ones really trying to work in the background as much as possible, with finding ways around the US, sanctions that are crippling Duran and trying to keep the feel alive. Other Brits are out, of course, a part of that, but again because of UK politics, Theresa May’s government is pretty much you know. Hamstrung there is a fight amongst the conservatives at the moment will take over, and so all of that I think means that they’re not going to horse. I think the European countries are very much concerned with, with with Donald Trump with his foreign policy, with the fact that we’re even having negotiations today, that’s back-channel between zarethan and Rand, Paul, essentially back to the same terms. Frankly, that are included 2015 jcpoa agreement from the very Preamble which was about suggesting that the Iranians never acquire nuclear technology. It’S all there, but of course Donald Trump does not want to be a hold onto a legacy of an agreement signed by his previous Barack Obama. Not really that the key issue here, so what do you watch for from here? Are you watching those back panel talks and what else very much and leaks coming out of those meetings are those leaks, I think, are an attempt to also, I think, it’ll make the Arabians are leaking and icing to 2-inch to ensure that continues, of course, is war-weary. I don’t think he’s interested in a war. We can’t take her eyes off of John Bolton and Mike Pompeo, because these two Hawks have been arguing for regime change in Iran for decades and they’re, very conscious of the fact that Donald Trump may be out of office. In less than 2 years and want this done and that’s not snot and I think that’s really important to keep in mind as we watch all of this, what are the chances? Do you think of the temperature being turned down? I know I imagine a hinge on those talks, one wrong move and things can spiral out of control. That’S what happens in many of these kinds of conflicts. We saw some accusations that there may have been targeting of yuno irgc positions inside Iraq. A few days ago mean all of that is, I think, going to potentially cause a reaction by the Iranians – everybody’s – very careful, of course, I think – and trying not to cross the line. But when you know that there are hawks like I believe in the trumpet irgc in Iran itself, who also feel that they would in fact be able to survive a some sort of conflict with the Americans. You can’t help but worry about how this could engulf into a wider conflict and – and, let’s not forget the Iranians – have a lot of Crocs throughout the region that could be involved in that. I think, would also make us into a wider Regional conflicts as well. All right I’ll leave it there. Thank you so much Professor mamani, that’s Professor best mamani senior fellow at the center for international governance. Innovation in Waterloo, preciate, your time cuz. She capello’s host of Power & politics, see more of our show by subscribing to the CBC News Channel or click the link for another video thanks for watching
The U.K. says it is “extremely concerned” after Iran’s Revolutionary Guard said it captured a British oil tanker in the Persian Gulf.
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