Iran tensions, Hong Kong protests, Marvel’s phase 4 | ABC News

Iran tensions, Hong Kong protests, Marvel’s phase 4 | ABC News
Iran tensions, Hong Kong protests, Marvel’s phase 4 | ABC News
Good morning, I’m kind of smoothie one critically flooding and bringing down trees and power lines number to the UK is trying to figure out how to respond to this video shows a Ron’s revolutionary guard taking over the tanker with nearly two-dozen crew members on board a British Warship try to intervene, but it was too far away to help British officials say aranas, calling retaliation for the UK seizure of a neuron anchor just over two weeks ago. That was believed to be headed to Syria, a breach of EU sanctions, 1 million people expected to hit the streets on Sunday. He announced that he won’t seek re-election, he’s also stepping down as leader of his Pro statehood party, but that’s not enough for the islands. Residence they’ve been frustrated years with a weak economy and Corruption, defensive messages between wholesale and his aides, and we headed to Cooperstown for number four or six men have during baseball legends in the Hall of Fame, Mariano Rivera he’s the first unanimous selection to the hall. Also Brandy Halladay fought back tears as she represented her late husband Roy. He died in a 2017 plane, crashed also inducted Harold Baines Lee Smith, a Mike mussina finally, number five Avengers endgame is now the highest grossing movie ever dethroning James Cameron’s Avatar large home. Everyone welcome to Morning America and how you doing early morning hours. You know, you know that’s what having kids will do to you. Just you just how to respond to Ron after it seems the British oil tanker in, what’s being described as an act of retaliation, ABC’s Megan tevrizian has more on the rising tensions, Megan and Kenneth wise. This crisis plays out in the Middle East. President Trump has ordered more troops to be deployed to the Persian Gulf released by a Ron showing the moment Irani and revolutionary guards. Seize a British flag tanker in the Strait of Hormuz a vital oil passageway noticed the empty deck and Anna Ronnie and flag hoisted from the ship’s bridge and its newly attained audio. Listen to the exchange between the crews, 0 degrees. Immediately Ronnie and officials say the vessel violated International maritime law, but British officials say Iran is calling it retaliation, UKC, juravin, Irani and tanker just over two weeks ago, that was believed to be headed to Syria. A breach of EU sanctions ask having a roni and drone that was flying too close to an American Navy ship in the Gulf on Sunday Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, saying despite the fact, these are not the actions of a country headed toward the right direction. The u.s. is willing to talk had to negotiate across a broad spectrum of issues with no preconditions, and British leaders are stuck to talk to Parliament today to discuss what they should do in response to this shift. Caesar back to you guys, leadership by freezing Assets in the UK and the other one could be further further in the sanctions and that are on. But there were aren’t many great option for London to take, because the US is already impose the maximum possible economic station. Banning oliran in oil exports worldwide Dave you here on this morning. America welcome to ABC News but you’re on another floor. Are you I’m wearing black flats that don’t go with the outfit so tomorrow I’m bringing heels and I’ll be in studio with you guys when you’re talking about something serious and then the next here on this show currently my face so there’s also a Venezuela with the Us accusative say it happened over their territory in battle. President Nicolas Maduro remains in power, despite calls by the Us and other countries for him to step down down for back-to-back hearings Wednesday on Capitol Hill, highlights substantial evidence and make the public case for President Trump’s impeachment. Mother has said he won’t speak beyond the findings in his report on the Russians, but Democrats say the facts must be presented to the American people, because no president is above the law May Republicans have claimed. The Mueller report is one-sided. First, women of color that devolved into supporters chanting send her back president called The Freshman lawmakers, weak and insecure, saying that they’re not capable of loving our country Democratic, Congressman, Elijah Cummings praise the women who said, and he and that he’s honored to serve with them. He also made it clear what he thought about the president gone. You don’t belong here. You believe President Trump is a racist insisted that the president is racist years and he is not a racist. She is a results-oriented president who is focused on helping uplift, all Americans, but the president himself has been sending some mixed messages on this subject. He did nothing while supporters in North Carolina chanted send her back about representative ilhan Omar. He doesn’t at the rally quote incredible Patriots computer, so he can complete his latest album from jail. That’S according to his attorney. The singer is currently solitary confinement Chicago. He facing multiple charges of child sex. Sonography Kelly’s attorney says he needs to finish the record, so he can earn a living. It’S unclear for formal request has been made, probably all use under the absences excused in a three month.. It’S believed to be one of the first of its kind in the nation. In response to the Mental Health crisis, suicide is the second leading cause of death among Oregon residents between the ages of 10, 234 Utah passed a similar law last year. The Washington State native managed to get up in a few minutes then landed normally. He walked himself and his gear to a train station then went to the hospital. He suffered, some cuts and bruises, but he is expected, be okay, overtoun. I think he overshot his Landing. 4/10. Welcome back protest in Hong Kong turn violent this weekend as masked assailants attack computers, commuters and protesters in a subway station. So let’s go across the pond McFarland in the London Bureau for more good morning, Julia arrested after last night’s violence in Hong Kong, around 45 people uncritically officer what appears to have been armed gang members. Arms thugs attacked a large group of protesters, as they were returning home from that massive rally. Yesterday, the thousands of people once again taking to the streets to demand for democracy and protesting against what they say is increasing influence from Beijing and domestic Hong Kong politics. Cases of last night’s violence as the reported by Witnesses and local channels on the scene. They were wearing white T-shirt and a lot of images of shed on Telegram Communications website, showing a lot of people injured. A lot of people being attacked by these people wearing whites. Carrying metal rods and cones and some lawmakers and journalists were among those injured in that violence. The very disturbing I’m just coming out of Hong Kong last night and Juliet 5:00 this afternoon to submit that ballots now widely expected to. When is Boris Johnson, that flamboyant foreign full form of foreign secretary, who has friendship with President Donald Trump he’s expected to win? It’S not clear how much by a majority but what’s been happening of the last few weeks as he has been busy putting together his go to buy damn who he wants meat in his cabinets, a bunch of loyalists some controversial responses, including pratik Patel, who had to Resign from the Lost cabin undisclosed meetings with the Israeli she’s a very controversial at Choice, who are maybe the next time Secretary she has called for the death penalty but has since walked and Telegraph. Today, writing off the Apollo 15 Landing saying we just need to be Britain and brexit will be fixed. Some both claims resignations. The treasury secretary on the Justice actually say that they plan on resigning. If he becomes prime minister and some more government ministers are actually announcing that face, are resigning today, ahead of that result coming out so Harriet Tubman times in British politics, quite a bit of Fallout from that. If that happens before you go, I’m so now to we have a future Prime Minister he’s going to have a close relationship with a future king. I connected that right there at Prince, Georges his schools in phosphate and some beautiful, really Charming photos. We can see that Kensington Palace have released this morning. Prince chat button on my vision, gets black because he’s so cute, taking a selfie at home and in the gardens, but that’s some peaceful pics that I’m so nice that nice little professional photography, children and animals. I think that’s the number one rule is this time, we’ll see you next time a two-year-old was born. I need a ride to the fair on his toy tractor, going with 1.5 miles per hour from the police. I will call parents on not even one in just a few minutes later. They found little boy with the tractor next to arrive at the county. Fair and his name. Austin will be alright check out this perfect wedding dress for a bride who is obsessed with wedding, dress, Chicago, deep dish pizza. If that’s what you want for your big day, apparently hungry great white shark, off Cape Cod, the camera and oh, it’s pretty steady. The boy’s father shot that video. He called the incident a crazy fishing story. I gave everyone a pretty good scared. Alligator note about to clean out the pool filter when he spotted the alligator. He said he has no idea where it came from before Star Trek. Reference Marvel Cinematic Universe. Diane macedo has all the details. Avengers Assemble the box-office battle for the ages is complete. Avengers endgame at the highest grossing film of all time, making over 2.7 billion dollars Marvel Studios. President Kevin feige on in San Diego. It is something we never thought about happening we wanted to. We wanted to ask you where cells is is, is is what we wanted to do and compete with ourselves, but it’s a testament. It’S a testament to every filmmaker that worked in the MCU. It’S the big news. The studio is also revealing. Plans for Disney plus and a slate of new movies and with the announcement of another Thor and dr. strange funny Patron holes. I feel like I’m in a weird dream, like you guys, very, very strange and very exciting, and get ready to see some new star power. Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will include Angelina, Jolie name a few surprises, but really hoping to co-op one last one. Apparently, a black panther to have not been well. You know where that should be a question of the day. What are you most excited about? Coming up from Marvel, the new Thor blade Black Widow at ABC News? Live we want to know what are you excited about from that you’re excited and President Trump around ASAP Rocky here’s? What to watch out for today? President Trump welcomes the prime minister of Pakistan to the White House for bilateral meetings and a working lunch demonstrators protest as they keep up their demands for Puerto Rico. Governor Ricardo rossello to resign call Steven’s will lie in Repose at the Supreme Court. The former Justice passed away last week at the age of 99 Nancy Pelosi will speak at the NAACP annual convention and discuss women’s issues in Detroit and presidential candidate. Don’T forget to tune in to the DMV for an update on all our top stories and the briefing room for a breakdown of the latest headlines and politics, and now to the latest on that American rapper being detained in Sweden and now even President Trump is involved. The latest on how Hollywood and the White House or efferding ASAP Rocky’s for lease that is right. You guys would started as Kim and Kanye now involves the prime minister of Sweden, the president of the United States and Justin Bieber Rocky from music videos, alongside Rihanna to the subject of international negotiations, the grammy-nominated artist under investigation and in jail since this June 30th altercation. In Stockholm, as shown in this video obtained by TMZ, although he still hasn’t been charged President Trump speaking to the Prime Minister on the phone this weekend, Sweeting afterward, he assured me that American citizen ASAP Rocky will be treated fairly likewise. I assured him that ASAP was not a Flight Risk and offered to personally vouch for his bail, many saying that offer feels out of tempo and a criminal justice system that doesn’t even offer bail. The Swedish prime minister’s press secretary saying in the statement the government cannot and will not attempt to influence the legal proceedings ASAP who’s behind bars, along with two of his backup dancers posting this video on Instagram, allegedly showing the moments leading up to that site. I’Ve been arrested appear to follow the artist Genesis group throwing headphones at the musicians, bodyguard ASAP, whose real name is Ricky Myers, maintaining he acted in self-defence and rapper G-Eazy, not Instagram referencing his own arrest last year in Sweden, when he paid a fine and was released After a day-and-a-half shown in this video obtained by TMZ, the difference between me and Rockies treatment and process in Sweden brings to mind to Concepts that this constantly go hand-in-hand: white privilege and systemic racism. Other celebs, like Shawn, Mendes and Jada, Pinkett Smith and Tyler. The Creator Valentin never toured they’re, saying no more Sweden for me ever and Justin Bieber getting political tweeting to the president. I want my friend out. I appreciate you trying to help. Can you also let those kids out of cages, President Trump tweeting over the weekend, that he and Sweden’s Sweden’s prime minister, prime minister, though just feeding that sang follow-up conversations may take place, but nothing has been planned it system treated just a year-and-a-half ago when the same Thing was happening during your peace there, so we will see if President Trump pretty adamant there because of this intervention. So everyone
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