Iran threatens to ramp up nuclear activity despite Trump’s sanctions

Iran threatens to ramp up nuclear activity despite Trump’s sanctions
Iran threatens to ramp up nuclear activity despite Trump’s sanctions
Potentially The Accelerated warning it plans to take measures to speed up its uranium enrichment, possibly shortening the time, and we need to build a nuclear weapon. Fox is Rich Edson at the state department, with the latest. Target afternoon. Connell in a run is promising to unveil the specifics of how exactly is going to accelerate its nuclear program over the next couple of days. To that a State Department spokesperson tells us quote: regarding Advanced centrifuge D is another transparent attempt to generate negotiating leverage and extort the International Community. We’Ve made it clear that the regime is political and economic isolation will only deepen if it takes further steps. That increase concerns its nuclear program, another words more sanctions on the way. There is also a question of whether President Trump will meet with Iranian president Hassan Rouhani at the United Nations General Assembly. Later this month in New York, President says he wants to meet only if the US dropped sanctions. First, President Trump refuses Israeli Prime Minister. Benjamin Netanyahu acknowledged this morning that a meeting between President Trump and Ronnie was a possibility. The later today, he’s stressed out right opposite to a potential meeting, especially after Ron’s promise to build its nuclear program. This is, in addition to neurons aggressive actions against international shipping against Regional countries and also its attempt a murderous attacks against Utah real attempts that have not stuff. This is not the time to hold talks with her on. This is the time to step up pressure on it on pressure on European countries to try to find a way to help Iran sell its oil after just left Iran nuclear deal last year and restored sanctions on its top exports, especially oil Connell State Department for samosa. You there was that you know potential meeting on the sidelines of the G7, where you know they had their foreign ambassador was there and mccrone seemed to be trying to broker a deal. Do you think any members of the US delegation met with rainy and members at that meeting a surprise, surprise, taking a dip back on their heels in a way they have not been in 39 years? To be frank about it, you know you’re conversing, with the state of the economy, inflation aspiring out-of-control unemployment is at record levels that so used to volume significantly and most importantly, the number one commodity where they used to punch out 2500000 barrels per day and now they’re Down to a little North, /, 2 thousand – and it shows you what a dramatic turn down in Revenue that they have from that alone. It’S it’s it’s it’s a dramatically significant. They have gone to European nations in the black melanin by sand countries in return for us finding a customer for our oil, and I hope the Europeans don’t take him up on that and if they do, I think the United States has got to get real tough With those Nations fact that you have another saying we’re you know within months of being back to where we were before this deal was struck, it makes you think what was the deal really worth if it was that easy in the macrons steps in and says you Know, maybe we’ll will give you this 15 billion dollar line of credit to help you out with these sanctions are on. I mean what it? What do you think of those two thing billion dollars was provided then, because of the immediate relief once the deal was struck and, of course, the United States with the world Community. This would be a good thing because, as a responsible Nation, maybe they will, they will act as a responsible. That’S what do they do with that money? They poured it into the proxies in the Middle East in the Hezbollah and Hamas and the houthis in Iraq and she’ll militia and created Moline behavior and now they’re, trying to say that the nuclear deal they’ve been abiding by Atwell. They have to appoint the nuclear deal that they accept to get some a nuclear weapon when they want it in 15 years that pathway right now. I don’t think the nuclear deal good morning to flush their operations, which have been more aggressive and more detrimental to the instability in the Middle East, sell products into a Ron. You have a fresh market that hasn’t been exposed to all of these things. They know that are out there that they want and they thought in exchange. What could happen Obama’s argument was that the people will still see Coca-Cola and Apple computer, and these things and we’ll decide that they don’t want to live under this oppressive regime will ever reach those people that didn’t work out. Now you have Ronnie coming to the UN at the end of the month. Do you think that president meet with him, while he’s here, I think, there’s a possibility. Given the current terms, everyone he has that he would only meet with the president United States. If we took sanctions off the table, I mean it could be a not going to do that. This pressure, maximum pressure campaign is as comprehensive as it is, and all the things that get us off that path, but disrupting the flow sabotaging and stealing tankers and hitting the Saudi oil fields and shooting down an American drone and now, with the fussing and Richmond. What has happened as a result of that? Have we decreased? Any sanctions know the United States has free sanctions on them, so they have called the present. They tried to get him the United States politically isolated. It has not worked, they are fell in a way that I have not seen them in many many years.
Fox News’ Rich Edson and Gen. Jack Keane (Ret.) on Iran’s threat to accelerate its nuclear activities.

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