Iranian women swim to freedom in Toronto play – BBC News

the woman always be fighting with something even in our imagination even we want to imagine something to be successful even what we we want or pursue what we dream of sometimes we really have to fight for it ruyada main character she’s making an imaginary pool to train her team Clearwater River Vale that has no water so what they end up doing is imagining everything imagine the water imagine that there’s a pool and they start swimming and learning in there towards the end of they want to make us swim team for the national championship but that comes with its own limitations cuz they would have to wear hijab imagination aspect of the play where when the woman start to imagine the pool signifies in fact that you were free in your mind to do whatever you want to do except it goes on to show that’s on cultural limitations actually prevent that to so in your mind where you think you can imagine and you can be free you may actually not be so free my character of her Magi-Nation believe that there’s water so much that she actually ends up drowning and it’s it’s very important for me it’s a direct display because it’s about women in Iran delimitations their freedom and right now the movement of women in Iran it’s a very important topic
Women in Iran cannot swim in public in the presence of men, or compete internationally.
In Jaber Ramezani’s play Swim Team, being staged in Toronto, the characters use their imagination to beat the boundaries. But can dreaming really set them free?
Filmed, edited and produced by Sam Farzaneh

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