Iraq and Syria: After Islamic State? [Full Documentary] – BBC News

Iraq and Syria: After Islamic State? [Full Documentary] – BBC News
It’S the first day of the Iraqi government forces advance in mosul for the first time in 3 years, these forces have entered the city after 9. Months of fighting muzzle has come back to Europe, but it will never be the same. This is where Abu Bakr al-baghdadi declared his benefit, which provokes frightening questions about the future. What you want, what you born sneakersnstuff out of catastrophe at the hands of those baldelli code, receptionist and procedures, to continue their ancient struggle before returning a day. This is the first time I’ve been back here since the back of this is Saddam District. Willie Rocky forces fair to the entered muscle, recaptured it more than a year ago, ugly from the emotion, the first house, decorated by Iraqi forces, Washington DC area. When is the next eight effect in 2014, karate forces coolest it just a stain on their owner, which had to be clean behold with us in the Humvee he kept, calling his jersey and Friends. He was proud that the truth could finally enter music, but this was the start of the fighting. I just had prepared for a war of attrition that would go on for months. They drew their asses into a deadly game weather. No, that is, was talking about colon with drones. They were looking for the right moment to hit us with suicide carbons hit by a car bomb. Talk to you when I can come up. It shows the car bump on its way to head our column, conscience, Kohl’s, Manhattan, Jack, Frost soldiers will tell Daddy you’re octopuses have been sucked into a quagmire of urban Warfare, exhausted money, money and cost thousands of Lights, defeat of Islamic State, terrible price, inevitable white pics Life within two parts of East muzzle, which hasn’t been too bad again and with me so it’s different. This is what remains of almost the city around which the Morgantown Blue Rocks most important center of Sunni Muslim culture. More than 90 % of the buildings have been destroyed, no decision has been taken about the area’s Chooch. Will the bloodiest battles Rage Against the IRS fighters, who use thousands of civilians as a human cheese? I so much of the fighting first time and visit with your attitudes, the victory which gave the rocky government’s so much. I had a very different effect on people who lived in the city that scared of the results has not yet become fully cleared. It may never be Vic to visit their house it’s 6 months, since military operations ended here, nothing has changed everywhere, hands the stench of the Valrico. By the way, many residents accuse Rocky forces of needlessly destroying large part of muscle tone is the head man of this quarter. He says because you’re lucky screws used excessive force. The damage to the area have a good company fly out of the family and friends. They do it themselves without government support gynecology. Why good? Looking men done so we got bokusatsu the Marine become. A government forces was no accident. The government denies it had any security and motives for what happened to you. It says it’s horses dead. What was needed to the soil? We simply don’t know whether is Rocky forces deliberately demolish the old city, but many residents certainly believe this. I was invited with this on this occasion they were off to Target Anaya Schneider. This Rockets had limited effect on others, but for the residents of the city securing meaning most of these two items, they were targeting made there strongholds in SUNY cities after a few months, the most difficult phase for us to cover. It got to the point where I didn’t know which to feel more. My son, explosives, snipers watching for animal Cooper was that the truth had it worse. Give me a call into open car doors towards is defensive positions, but they couldn’t. Why is Unleashed? It’S the snipers on Fighters. They stop talking forces reaching the heart of the old city for more than 2 and 1/2 months, eventually heck. I didn’t the results at 12:30 and air strikes, but we’re still properties Shelly, I’m at Hawaiian, 4 months after the security forces, ordered your son’s family to leave the area where it was finally workers from the muscle municipality Market, hundreds of bodies lay under the rubble and In the Alleyways of the old city, San Antonio Mohamed, what lost her son, he was killed in their house, probably by shrapnel what are the people who live here? She was supposed to leave today she’s back for a visit with her brother week before the elective courses online. It wasn’t easy Today Show Muhammad. She was trapped in the house with her son’s body ice Fighters, we’re only a stone’s throw away. Great destruction have been caused by the Rocky and pollution bonding agenda-setting Citadel mall in America. Mohamed lost her only son, but at least she has a grave. She can visit on the ground son, who survived to whom she can tell the story of what happened in those terrible days, confusional career carnivore, at least that’s what they Rocky government seat at the time. It’S accused the Coalition of hitting the area with AirDroid. When I managed to reach the sports the day after the most, what it was. It had been blown up with explosives, there was no sign of any Rockets nearby that helps us realize the damage it would suffer. 2X. Morel, no control of the Grand Mosque on the stove and the pulpit in which Abu Bakr al-baghdadi had appeared in public auditions for his appointment as a killer in huge parts standing on the ruins of the old city. I often ask myself: why didn’t tell Daddy order? His horses to relieve muscle win the city was.. Maybe he wanted a bottle big enough to be working over the feet of the caliphate by the Sea, Gold, Crusaders and receptionist, but that she’s better than it’s done for a long time is, has been defeated in the city’s edge control. There’S never been so few suicide attacks, car bombs or assassinations. The city has a mess of people from different religious sets. They have contradictory feelings about. What does you have? Your project pose an existential threat to the shiite-majority, its defeat, the big and fat and Sunni across the country. Are the former speaker of parliament he’s one of the most prominent Sony Representatives when I met him in like that, he seem convinced that the defeat why it had been used to hurt Sunni Muslims across the river dumbfounded, the routes of what happened, go back to these Moments in 2003, it was instruction of a formula of court systems, however Putin with no alternative way to bind the fragments of a country which the back party hard rule with an iron fist. Georgie took power back by your on unsupervised by the Coalition in Afghanistan. After 9/11, no, it came back in an even more violent and bloody, for he use the chaos to trigger a bloodbath which continues today. He works from the store to provoke a Syrian war in which he would try to win the horse away. Artisan is he dismissed? Osha as infidels, I’m blue up one of their most important Shoney’s in Santa Rosa. He let the fuse / securian work if lost it for years and killed thousands. He is so cool, I’m taking part in the political process. Many of them voted against and they joined what came to be known as the waken would Americans support, they defeated Elkhart we’re both killed. The organization was set to have been defeated, but after the US withdrawal from The Rock it’s written and stronger. By a government under newly Emily image of the most seniority Shakira any sense. Poaching danger. He issued an known as the sufficient job to respond to this initiative. Some of them photogate switch over the existing Uber Gates, which will quickly for these will now so strong Susan as an existential threat, because an earthquake araksya about 1005 young Shaman Spiker military base near the free after they left on these body of water. While I’m in my f****** call the office after the fall of muscle is going to state was quickly, broken knuckle of central offer was astonishing. The city was empty. When is Fighters V. I understand all this people left feeling abusive relationship, these Fighters and the rocky government troops Advance on how the C & C Mazda B3000 out of fear of the popular mobilization, forces, deluxe Coney. On other say, the popular mobilization have committed atrocities murder to saluting burning houses and illegal detention. 1 metric size unit is the league of writers dead by Faisal Khan. I’M sorry at his headquarters in National. I asked about reports that his unit has committed such abuses and several sunni-majority provinces. How do you sharpen the popular mobilization? Aren’T the only force is accused of acting outside the most of their intelligence agencies face similar charges? These pictures show agents are arresting suspected. Is members torture is routinely used to extract Confessions by myself, witness this more than once. The security forces have big database of. Is members assembled through a large network of collaborators in the city’s dead room, one of these intelligence agencies when they contain the man suspected over? Don’T think twice he was thin and frail not strong enough to date. Do you have information? He was involved in ice. The man was terribly tortured. I witnessed some of it, for men beat him with sticks and cables for a long time before he comes later. I was told you have been killed with a bullet to the head. His body was thrown into the tickets. This video spread on social media. It shows what seem to be a government rules. They’Re, throwing a suspect is fighter off a cliff by The Tigress alive. Then we off Monday about the officers to comment on these violations. Some agreed in principle but then refuse to meet us Oakland City on the rocky border with Syria is in a States, lost Urban song golden York. Now this one popular mobilization forces secure control of most of the Border areas after the withdrawal of the government forces, which has both eyes. This sector covers the whole of Western and Bar Providence. The pmf are commanded by General. Customer have been defeated in most of the surrounding area. Salam alaikum, the pmf, was the only Force controlling this area, stretching between you’re all Syrian Georgia. The commander took us to the border between Iraq and Syria. After declaring the Galaxy pmf Bono’s have replaced the black flags. Wife, yes, we’re still raising their, so we crossed with another group of Fighters, something if units on by Ron we’re passing the Border and white against ice. So we drove quickly. We saw a strange. from his bottle of Italians. My benefits, I’m not home, Odyssey. Today’S date of the Syrian Army, supported by sheer force, is it from Lebanon, Road, Cranston and Pakistan, and, with Hillary support from Russia, defeated the Islamic State in a Pokemon after its defeat in raqqa a few weeks area, the highest leader al-baghdadi passed through here. This is what has happened to many of the 20 towns of Syria, all those identity of the players and the conditions of War wear different you. This is known as the capital of the caliphate. This is how the caliphate I left it when I watch them leave under cover of Darkness. The Americans have to prove the multi-sided agreement to save what we mean of the city. A few thousand people will lift stuck in the midst of War. Today is controlled by the Syrian Democratic forces, most records supported by America. I went back to Elkhart IN to meet the BMF Commander. Customer service told me about raise the host of questions Indonesian, where fearful of a nyan back malicious, controlling an area from Iran and Syria. Toledo, the connotative stop before I left. I went back to music looking for a family who are proud to live in the first house, liberated by a it was 15 years since the Box machine has phone, but there is Ben still use the old name: sabang District, the government, Zara associations, Abu Bakr, al-baghdadi, Half of November 2016, just before that after 3 years of, why is Rule the future seemed impossible to build beside your mother mother, for you, kivela
The defeat of the so-called Islamic State has left Sunni Muslim populations crushed and Shia Muslim military forces victorious, although only after terrible sacrifices. BBC Correspondent Feras Kilani returns to the battlegrounds to assess the human cost and ask whether this is really the end for extreme jihadism in Iraq and Syria.

This film is made up of footage shot throughout Kilani’s coverage since the Battle of Mosul in 2014. This rare view exposes the harsh and unforgiving reality of war and occupation, and the lengths that special correspondents will go to tell their story.

This Documentary was filmed in the course of 2 years, While covering the battle for Mosul, correspondent Feras Kilani narrowly cheated death, after the convoy he was advancing with was targeted by a VBIED.

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